April Skies

April 14th, 2015

Hi all,

I was in two minds whether to do this blog after the recent passing of my beautiful Nan. If you read my last blog you will see how much she was loved and I have decided, with much trepidation, to write a blog anyway.

As you may know my husband has been embarking on a film project called Ghost Nets. I am delighted to say that the filming (which was entirely shot on location in Joss Bay, Kent) was a huge success. The cast Bruce Lawrence, Joe Sowerbutts, Lloyd Morris and myself all got on really well together and the crew all had a blast too. It was hard work; freezing, demanding, fun and brilliant but the highlight for me was working with my husband Mark Bousfield. I am biased but he knew exactly what he wanted, knew his vision and made it all come together so smoothly and effortlessly. The only thing I will say is I never want to see a blooming croissant again! Croissant over load for brekkie! 😉 It’s all about the post production now and it’s certainly not over yet, look out for the Teaser Trailer coming soon! Below are a few behind the scenes pictures.

Before Ghost Nets I worked on the political campaign for the Liberal Democrats. It was fun and our green room was a very glitzy tour bus. I did the voiceover too and got to spend a lot my time driving around in a very nice car. Below are a few pictures from the shoot…and just for the record I’m not sure who I’m voting for yet, it’s not necessarily the Lib Dems!

Last week I got the pleasure of working with INP Media again after our Mercedes shoot a few years ago, they really looked after me as we shot a two day corporate video for a new medical company. It was a lovely two days working alongside them once again and I hope to do so again soon. Below are a few more pics.

It’s been a strange Easter, not having my precious Nan with us has left a gaping hole in our lives. There are good days and bad days but all I can say is the loss of a Grandparent should never be underestimated. I have the most wonderful family and without them by my side I would be lost, that includes my husband, son, my family and my husband’s family too.

I’m off now. Blog soon

Charlotte xxxxxxx

The loss of a dearly loved Matriarch – Thursday 26th March 2015

March 29th, 2015

A person that I held dear in my life passed away this week. My beloved Nan. One thing I can say straight away was that upon my Nan’s passing her reach has been wide.

Life is precious, through the paths we walk down alongside our family and friends that is one truth that abides always. The people we hold dear define us through our childhood, our adult life and our later years, because without the bonds of family and love we are alone and as the saying goes – if a tree falls in a forest with no-one to hear it, did it even make a sound? Well, one lady that made an impression on all that met her, that held so many people in her heart and her in theirs was my Nan. In her lifetime she had four children, eleven grand children and twenty-one great grand children.

Losing a Grandparent is never easy but losing my Nan has left me heartbroken. The suddenness of her passing was such a shock as she was only opening the Mother’s Day gifts that we had given her two weeks before and tucking into a cream tea next to me. I had a unique relationship with her, a lady integral to my upbringing, we shared weekly cuddles when I was a little girl, holidays at Butlins, sausage sandwiches, days on the beach, endless advice, sleepovers, she watched me in everything from school plays to every success I’ve been lucky enough to have. Over the last 16 years since my Grandad died my relationship with my Nan grew closer and closer.

I used to go out with her for coffees and take her to the doctors, and on a Monday I would take her over a roast that I had made the day before. One of my fondest memories is going on a caravan holiday with her in 2010 to Camber Sands, we couldn’t stop laughing as are beds were so skinny we were scared to roll out – we’re not renowned in our family for small bums so you can imagine we spent most of the night teetering on the edge!

She stood next to me and my husband so proudly at our wedding in May 2012 and was so proud of our son Hugo. He absolutely adored his Nanna and I know she adored him, he will turn 2 at the end of May and I have been showing him her picture to which he instantly smiles and says “Nanna”. He saw her most weeks and would often sit on her lap to read books and watch telly. On one occasion over the summer he had great fun with wet play in her back garden dousing himself with water from her watering can.

My Nan was a beautiful and highly intelligent woman, with delicate features and a mane of black hair in her youth, knowledgable about most things and had a full, lovely life. Her and Gramps were married for 50 years, they didn’t have a lot and they didn’t want a lot. She was an English teacher and I know she always loved learning, evident at family quizzes every Christmas and Easter!

I know my Mum was so close to her and saw her at least twice a week so it has been very hard for her too. My heart is still so very fragile, I wish I could bring Nan back and kiss her just one last time but I know I can’t. Thank you Nan for all of your help, support, love, guidance and gifts over your lifetime. I love you so very much and I know you are sleeping now so sleep tight and see you again one day.

Here are some photos of the lovely lady herself, I’m sure the cream cakes aisle in the supermarket will miss her almost as much as we do.




March 2nd, 2015

Hello everyone,

For the first time in a while I got a chance go to the cinema with my husband to indulge our love of film as a punter. We are really lucky that the brilliant Curzon cinemas have opened up a branch in our home town so we could feast are eyes on some films that aren’t necessarily the blockbusters! We decided to check out The Grand Budapest Hotel, it was absolutely brilliant and I made sure I had a glass of wine in hand and some popcorn (of course) to accompany me into the screen! Whilst waiting for the film to start I saw a very familiar face and soon realised it was the talented Harry Macqueen who starred alongside me in the award winning short Plastic Love. The trailer was for a great little indie film called Hinterland. If you haven’t seen Plastic Love and you fancy a look here it is below. It’s an 18 certificate and not for children’s eyes! :)

Plastic Love from Jamie Hooper on Vimeo.

Talking of films, if you read my last blog you will know that I am starring in my husband’s latest film Ghost Nets. It’s really tough starting out as a Director in this highly competitive profession and most Short Films are either self funded or funded through crowd sourced funding sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. It’s a great way of sharing the experience of making a film, everybody who contributes can see their hard earned cash on screen and be part of the process. If you haven’t had a look yet at our project yet and want to find out what it’s all about I have put a few links below.

I also had a nice little photoshoot for a holiday company this week so if you see my face in an in-flight magazine then you are not seeing things! It was a fun shoot with some lovely people, my journey there wasn’t so good though as my satnav took me to an almost sheer drop into a mud swamp full of potholes. I’m sure you can imagine sitting at the garage the next morning for 45 minutes trying to entertain a 21 month old in the pouring rain isn’t ideal but needless to say there was no damage!!! Hooray… :)

Thanks for reading and I’m sure my next blog will have lots to tell as the Kickstarter for Ghost Nets draws to a close and we begin to make the film!


x x x

Ghost Nets

February 15th, 2015

Hi everyone,

As I write this, the evenings are getting noticeably lighter and I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to the spring now! Lighter evenings, park life with my little man, BBQs and drinks outside with my hubby and friends!

It has been a really busy month with castings and recalls! Always hard juggling work with motherhood but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It was particularly hard this last week as Hugo (my bubba) has had a cough and a few broken nights, commercial castings and lack of sleep don’t mix too well…thank goodness for touché éclat I say! I was going up for the part of the Mum so dark circles and grubby jeans are spot on no? 😉 Hopefully hear some good news back soon.

Talking of good news I have been confirmed for a photoshoot in the next two weeks, it’s for a holiday company and should be good fun. It’s an afternoon’s work so hopefully all will go well, I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures for you!

You may or may not know that my hubby Mark Bousfield is trying to get his latest film up and running, Ghost Nets. If you are not familiar with the Kickstarter campaign let me shed a bit of light on it for you.

Kickstarter is a website that provides a service better known as crowd sourced funding, it’s an ideas factory of sorts where you can find people with new start ups/projects that they want to get off the ground. The idea is that investment and development is much more democratic and available to everyone, not just businessmen!

In return for a variable pledge the project offers rewards back for your investment. It’s a great way for small business or grass roots projects to gain a foothold and for people that invest their money to be close to the people creating something new.

Ghost Nets – Why us? from Mark Bousfield on Vimeo.

Making a film is tough and finance is often the biggest stumbling block to creativity at this level of the industry. Check out the link below to the Kickstarter for Ghost Nets to learn a bit more about the project and hear from the Director and DOP (Director of Photography) as to what it is all about…


Here are some behind the scenes pics and a bit more info about the film and my character Matilda.

Cast Interview – Charlotte Mounter from Mark Bousfield on Vimeo.

Anyway, must get ready for my casting and try and get an early night!



2015…Come get some!

January 10th, 2015

The start of a New Year is always marked with dreams and aspirations. As an actress you are always thinking of your next challenge, your next role, or next pursuit and all of this done with a little trepidation and excitement as you never know what your next job maybe .

I was having a discussion with my sister about New Year’s resolutions and she doesn’t make any as she doesn’t believe in them, whereas I love to set myself new goals and challenges. Do I always fulfil them? Of course I don’t, but I try 😉

I had a wonderful festive period with all of my family and it is such a special time of year to all be together, my son is 19 months now and a real character, so much fun to be around! As a Mum I find myself saying words and sentences together that I never imagined I would ever say…for example “Don’t put your sniffy (soothy blanket) in the bucket!” 😉

This month he is starting nursery for two half days a week, this will be another new adventure for all of us. He only usually stays with my husband or my parents when I work but I think he is absolutely ready for it and will soon love his new found freedom and friends. I have booked all of his days out until he is totally comfortable so I can be there for him! :) #motherhood

I have already shot a great little film this year, it’s a horror film called The Hollow, I play a single Mum to a 13 year old son and its a great little script. I had good fun filming it and below are a few stills from the day.

I also had an audition this week for the part of a ballet instructor in a new Bollywood Feature Film. They contacted me directly and although I haven’t done any ballet for a while I had a really good audition. It was quite intimidating as I am used to auditioning for just the Director/ Producer, they had a large team of ten people and all the other actors were waiting at the other end of the large room… Just before I said my lines the room fell to a deadly silence with everyone listening……gulp!

Afterwards I met my hubby for an Italian dinner and a bottle of wine in Paddington so it was a nice end to the day.

Hope you’re all well and looking forward to 2015!

Blog soon.


x x x

Festive Greetings

December 19th, 2014

Hi everyone,

It is now officially the count down to Christmas in the Mounter-Bousfield household. I can truly say I have shopped til I dropped and we are fully stocked up on food and bubbles! (of course!)

I’m a real family girl so this time of year is my absolute favourite, I feel very blessed to have all these lovely treats and as long as we are all in good health then Christmas Day should be perfect :)

Like most of us ladies I like to look my best in the festive period, so I had my hair done this week…you may notice I’ve gone a little blonder and as you can see it’s gotten very long now :)


As it’s that sort of time of year, I thought I’d take some time to reflect. 2014 has been a wonderful year for me. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked on some great projects with some very talented people. From the corporate work I did with Media Ark at the beginning of the year for Currys/PC World. Definitely one of my highlights of the year is acting in the Rite of Rosemary, as a Horror buff it was a pleasure to work on something that had echoes of the classic Hammer tradition in it.

As an actress I love a challenge and there were none more challenging than Assim Abbasi’s Butterfly Ashes. A moving, difficult and beautiful piece of filmmaking that was a joy to be part of, certainly one of the most challenging roles of my carer to date and one of the things I’m most proud of.

My commercial work has really blossomed this year with Littlewoods, Lease Car Go, Zinter Printer and both Origins campaigns. All great fun and a chance to work with some really great people! Here are some of the photos from the second Origins shoot this last month:

I am delighted to be shooting a film in January, it is a British independent film and I can’t say too much at the moment but I am looking forward to working on it soon. I am a huge fan of the British film industry and I always enjoy supporting each and every film I do no matter how big or small.

This will be my last blog of the year and so it leaves only for me to say thank you to all of you who read my blog, and wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and lots of love, luck, health and happiness for 2015.

All my love,

Charlotte x x x.

P.S. Five Second Rule is out on your screens again this Christmas! Enjoy

Time for some Christmas shopping at Littlewoods….on my private jet!

November 11th, 2014

Hi All,

Thought I would sneak in another little blog before Christmas. I have been busy as always since the last blog, what with juggling motherhood, wife, housework and work it can be pretty hectic in the Mounter/ Bousfield household. Needless to say you have to be organised :)

I was delighted to see the Littlewoods Christmas Commercial last Friday in which I play the Mum. It was a fabulous three days of intense fun and I was thrilled to be working alongside Myleene Klass, Christopher Biggins as well as stage princess Adriana Bertola who played my daughter. In case you miss it below is a link to the advert as well as a behind the scenes video and a couple of pictures! Enjoy!

I also did a great shoot yesterday for Haus pictures, it was a video that will be shown on the Internet/Kindles etc for private jet hire. I have to admit it was a really cool day, the jets were amazing and all I can say is how the other half live eh?! 😉 Below are a few pics from the day!

That’s about it for now, I have got a few things I the pipeline but don’t like to say to much until it has all been confirmed.

My hubby is off to direct and produce the squash World Championships in Qatar tomorrow for 12 days so I will be playing Mummy and Daddy for a few days! Wish me luck…;)

Blog again so and thanks for reading.

Love Charlotte xxx

The Fall falls into place…

November 5th, 2014

Hi all,

At this time of year it’s always nice spending a bit of time thinking about family and friends, planning for the season ahead, well what can I say, I’m one organised lady! I absolutely love Christmas and I have bought most of the pressies I need to get already :0)

As many of you will know the life of an actress has plenty of variety and I’m evidence of that! I did a super little acting job the other week for a tech company called Cisco. I played out several scenarios for the company’s website and I had a great couple of days. Below are a few pictures from the day.

Technology and innovation never stop and in the world of film and television it’s no different, in fact it’s often at the cutting edge. Firstly, this month I had to do an audition over the world wide web instead of in person. I have to admit it felt a bit strange at first but in reality it worked out really well, I didn’t have to leave my cosey home and Hugo was with his daddy in town for an hour or so.

Secondly, I had to film myself last minute before a casting deadline for a commercial role as a mother, it was hilarious, my husband and I trying to film a commercial on an iPad in our living room at 10 o’clock at night. Goodness knows what the neighbours must think :s

It was great to see one of my latest commercials hit the screens this month, the car leasing ad I shot has been showing across the country for a week or so now, I think it looks great and I hope you do to!

I have some shoots coming up very soon and I’ll be sure to keep you up to date with all the weird and wonderful things I get up to in the barmy world of acting!



Film Premieres Galore

October 8th, 2014

Hi all,

Things are always different in the acting profession; one month, one week, one day even is so varied and of late things have been no different!

I had a great shoot last weekend for a car leasing commercial. I got to spend the best part of two days being driven around in a top end car, it was fantastic! The first days shooting was at Millbrook Test Track, unfortunately our cameras were sealed over there as a lot of high end testing goes on for many manufacturers and they wouldn’t want the likes of me spilling the beans on their latest developments!

The second day was really fun too, this time we took the car onto the main roads of London. It was an electric car from the great brand of Tesla, with a boot at the front and the back would be great to have with Hugo, shame they didn’t give us all one each on the shoot 😉

Now if you’ve ever wondered how they film car adverts i big cities I can let you into a little trade secret…

Basically they have a big van with a whole crew of people in front of you and then you follow in the car whilst they film. For close up shots, the car was loaded onto the back of a low loader and the camera men took shots through the side of the car. We had to have police escorts stopping the traffic, ( wish I could have one all of the time in London ) Below are a few snaps from the day and the commercial is due out mid October so keep your eyes peeled. I will be tweeting the ad once it’s released so you can always check out my twitter account if you fancied having a look and you can’t catch it on the telly.

I have got an acting job coming up this week for a tech company called Cisco, I will be playing out several scenarios for the company’s website and interacting with their services and technology. Should be a nice couple of days and I’ll be sure to take plenty of pics.

Whilst on the subject of acting I received the final cut of The Rite of Rosemary as well as going to the first screening of the Butterfly Ashes Teaser Trailer. Butterfly Ashes was shot a couple of months ago and so I was both nervous and excited to see the end result. All I can say is I knew it was going to be great with such a talented Writer/Director as Asim at the helm but it exceeded expectation. It was my first film premiere in Soho so feels like a little landmark to build on for the next projects, fingers crossed!



The Ultimate Foodie

October 1st, 2014

Hi all,

Now you may have realised by now that I’m pretty passionate about food, I love literally most types of food I’m not fussy. Naturally I was delighted to hear that the food and drinks festival in Canterbury was back again this year because I thought it would be another chance to stuff my mouth with scrumptious grub! As now I’m a certified blogger I thought I would take a little food diary for you all to sample at your leisure and blog a few of my pictures from the day.

In my opinion, when you go to a food festival the idea is to sample as many of the culinary delights as possible…but the problem always is the amount of choice, it’s so difficult to know what to try first!

We opted for some mini slider burgers with Montery Jack cheese and onion jam, they were so delicious! They were served in a potato bun and we got to watch them make them from scratch in front of us. I’m actually glad they were small as it saved plenty of space for more.

Next up on the list was a taste of Thailand, authentic Pad Thai dishes with a choice of chicken or prawn, we opted for the chicken and then added extra chilli and nuts, we enjoyed it washed down with a glass of Prosecco for me and a unique Kentish Toffee Apple cider for hubby…I know, we live the life :)

It was a really great atmosphere packed with people, bands playing, aromas wafting through the air from all the great food and drink stalls, the sun was shining too! Just as well as apparently we are due rain from this weekend, no more park trips for me then…..

My little man was with us too and he was tucking into a packet of quavers and a cheese spread sandwich, he loves his food in his own way! 😉

As the hazy afternoon drew on we tried a Lamb Kofte baguette, we had ours in a lovely freshly baked tiger baguette with chimchurrie sauce… yum! Food to eat on the spot wasn’t the only delight, we purchased 3 bottles of REALLY hot chilli sauce (real hot hot face burners, but then we do like it hot!), some Kentish blue cheese and a bottle of toffee apple cider hubby was drinking. There was also a childrens’ play area there too, we went on the Merry Go round with Hugo, not sure if he was overly impressed though!

After a great afternoon we decided to trek back home with full bellies and high spirits, totally stuffed and exhausted. However, before we left though we couldn’t resist one last treat each, a freshly made onion bhaji with Raita dip and Mango Chutney…these were no ordinary bhajis…not content with a normal sized one we indulged in a gargantuan mammoth one!

A totally indulgent afternoon but that’s what food festivals are for right?

Blog soon.


The Countdown to Christmas has begun…honest!

September 24th, 2014

Hi all,

Where is this year going? I can’t believe it is September already! I am one of those people who absolutely loves Christmas and gets very excited about it months before, so as you can imagine I am already starting to think about twinkly lights, cosy Christmas films, the fabulous food and of course, THE most important thing, quality time with the family. Our son will be 19 months old by then and I’m sure he will be super excited too. :)

Talking of Christmas, I had a fabulous few days shooting the 2014 festive campaign for Littlewoods this month. It was a three day shoot at Black Island Studios in London, without going into too many details (these things are highly secretive) there were a few celebs involved…the face of Littlewoods Myleene Klass was there of course, she was so lovely to work with, we nattered about our children and generally had a really good time!

One of the highlights (please excuse the pun) was getting my hair and make up done, it’s always lovely to turn up to work looking like you’ve just got out of bed and then be transformed! My make up artist was hilarious, he’s a makeup artist to the stars and some of the stories had me in stitches, if only walls could talk! 😉

Below are a few behind the scenes pics. Not that exciting I’ll admit but I can post more once the advert is released. I will also be on the Littlewoods website and posters so keep your eyes peeled!

I have been for a couple of really cool film auditions recently too. The first was for an android and the piece was set in the 50’s (an era I love) so if I were to be successful this would be a great part. I also recently auditioned for another extremely challenging part, the role of a woman suffering from a crippling eating disorder. It’s a role I approached with some apprehension, a very sensitive and difficult subject in today’s day and age for sure.

As an actress it’s always a privilege to have the chance to read for something that takes you out of your comfort zone, not many actors train to have comfortable lives. It’s something that I feel is pertinent and a story for women all over the world. Although as an illness it affects only some of us, all women are responsible and live with the ripples it creates in society. As a mental health nurse my sister has worked with people who have disordered eating from all walks of life and the sadness it imparts on the families and loved ones is incalculable. If I were to get the part I would feel duty bound to represent this issue with respect, depth and as much integrity as possible, I’ll be sure to do lots of research and hopefully tackle the part with the sensitivity and tenacity that it deserves.

On a lighter note I did a really great corporate video for the NHS at The Hilton in Paddington the other day, a really lovely day. I must be moving up in the world, I even had my own room complete with shower…I know…check me out..;) Below are a few snaps from the day.

This next week I have some exciting shoots coming up, it never rains but it pours! :s

Must dash now, got some housework to do.

Blog soon

Charlotte x x x

August 2014

August 31st, 2014

Hi all,

It has been an exhausting few weeks, exhausting but in a good way! I had a great week in Scotland! We did lots of walking, sight seeing, boat trips, eating, drinking and generally over indulging! We stayed in a wonderful apartment in the centre of Callander, a beautiful little town not far from where my Grandparents used to live in the Trossachs.

We used to go there as children and I can remember the most tremendous views overlooking the lochs and seeing Ben Venue from their house! There are many wonderful fun filled family holiday memories there, sadly they are no longer with us but I still like to go on a little pilgrimage once a year and long may it continue for generations ahead. A couple of snaps below from our week …;)

Me and Mark in Scotland

Hugo in Scotland

I have been busy going up for castings, one in particular stands out. I auditioned for a Fantasy adventure series via video a couple of months back and I got the call to say I had been short listed for the part and please would I attend a fight audition!!!

Now I do have stage combat qualifications, but I have not really had to use them yet so you can imagine what I was thinking! I was soon practising my moves around the living room equipped with a roll of wrapping paper (that was the sword) and when the audition day finally came I thought I did okay. I could remember the moves, it was just a case of fine tuning certain aspects of it. I had a super time and it would be great to get the part, I quite fancy being a Xena type for a while! Below is me before the audition preparing for the fight scenes! 😉


This week I did a photoshoot for a lovely new brand called Tropic Skincare, it was for a lady called Susan Ma, many of you would probably recognise her from The Apprentice. She was such a lovely lady whose joint business partner is Lord Sugar so I felt very honoured to be picked for the photoshoot for their upcoming catalogues and billboards. I had a great day, a fab bunch of ladies, great food, wonderful location and lots of free products :) :) :) It’s alright for some!

Here are a few pics below from the day. :)

On the social side of things I am very lucky as I get to spend every day (apart from castings/work) with my little boy. He is 15 months old and a very cheeky, content little boy. We often go to the park, play centres, lunches with friends, read books and watch Thomas the Tank Engine on loop….;) As a family we all went to Dover Castle on Bank Holiday Monday, the weather was sunny and it was a really good but tiring day.

Anyway I’m going to sign off for now, I have a wardrobe fitting on Monday for a new Commercial so watch this space, thanks for reading and if you fancy following me on twitter you can do so @cmounter. I’m quite boring really but I do have a few gem tweets at times! 😉

Love to all,

Charlotte xxxx

P.S. For those of you that have done one…here is my Ice Bucket Challenge!

Charlotte Ice Bucket from Mark Bousfield on Vimeo.

Lights, Camera…Action!

August 6th, 2014

Hi everyone,

This will be my last blog before I go on holiday to Scotland and I cannot wait to indulge in a lovely bit of quality family time, I don’t care if it rains! We will go readily prepared 😉

As usual, I have had a really busy few weeks which has been great. As you may remember, in my last blog I mentioned I had been filming the latest commercial for Zinter Printer, it is such a great little commercial and I’m really pleased with the end result. Take a look at the link below:

I also mentioned in my last blog that I had been filming a short horror called The Rite of Rosemary, the official trailer is not out yet but this cheeky teaser trailer is and it sends a chill up my spine watching it. I have always been a fan of the horror genre especially the old hammer horror films as I used to watch them all growing up! So I was delighted when I was cast as Lottie. The film should be out in September. Take a sneaky peak at the trailer in the link below.

As many of you know I am a trained actress and that’s where my true passion lies. It’s the method, the transformation and creating the characters I love, so I was naturally thrilled to bits when I was cast as a Destiny in the Teaser Trailer for Butterfly Ashes. She was fantastic to play and I loved bringing the character to life. I got to work with the incredible Ainy Jaffri and she made it so easy to act against so a big thank you to her! I cannot give too much away but below are a few snaps from the day. :)

This week I was confirmed to shoot another commercial, unfortunately, I can’t say what it is yet and I am always a little reluctant to talk about these things before they actually happen (as a lot can change even up to the night before) but I was over the moon to get the job and I will be sure to tell you all what it is in the coming weeks! I can tell you it’s a big brand and will be shown on ITV! Watch this space.

Oh, and look who I spotted again in a Thomson Holidays shop, my husband went in to take the pic and I think they thought he was a bit odd as he didn’t explain who I was, he just took the picture….below is the pic. Great shoot :)


Will be blogging again after my hols!



June Japes

June 24th, 2014

Hi all,

I think it’s fair to say that Summer has officially started, well it has here in a Kent anyway. Summer time for me means lots of family time outside, walks along the beach and BBQs! You can’t beat a banger on the barbie! 😉

Work wise it has been a pretty busy few weeks, I filmed the Rite of Rosemary with a fantastic actor called Bill Thomas, we had lots of chats off screen and I even made him a nice cuppa to have with his breakfast, really talented actor and such a lovely man too. I played Lottie, she goes to meet her maker quite quickly ( don’t worry I’m not giving away any spoilers) as you find this out at the very beginning of the film. Again I am very pleased to have been cast in this great little film and I am very much looking forward to seeing the teaser trailer soon. It was a real pleasure to be working such a talented old bunch! 😉 Below are a few sneaky pics from the shoot.

From horror films to commercials, I filmed a great little commercial with a lovely little boy for the Zinter 3D Printer, the clients were there on the day and it has been very successful so far having sold in Selfridges and other great stores. I thought one of the clients looked familiar, after chatting for a few minutes and noticing how rather well spoken he was it was made known to me by the director that he is one of the guys from Made in Chelsea, I have never watched the show but I know so many people that do, so I may have to take a look and see whether he is still in it! The advert is going to look really good, we had a lovely little shoot and I spent best part of the day in my dressing gown and slippers. :) Below are a few behind the scenes pics from the day.

I am filming a Voice Over tomorrow for Currys/PC World which should be good, the great thing about voice overs is nobody cares what you look like, so you can roll in do your work and roll out again. :)

On my last blog I wrote about a close friend who was sick, well they are back home, taking things slowly and with the right medication I’m sure they will be back to their old self again very soon.

My eldest brother and family live over on The Isle of Wight and they bumped into this familiar face on their travels, my nephew Bob posed for a picture. Love it!


Love Charlotte x

A Poignant Time…

May 28th, 2014

Hi all,

I feel like I have been on fast spin in a tumble dryer as I write this, the last few weeks have been turned inside out to say the least!

I am actually writing this blog on the very scenic Tankerton Slopes in Kent whilst my little man sleeps in the back. It was his first birthday last week and it brought back some very mixed feelings as that was the day i was put on life support and didn’t have a clue I had actually given birth to my precious son. I am still absolutely loving being a Mummy, it’s such hard work and now Hugo is walking my days are spent entertaining and making sure the inevitable bumps aren’t too bad.

In a bitter twist of fate somebody extremely close to me (who I have known since i was 15) was taken very ill and put on Intensive Care a year to the day that I was admitted. Visiting them in hospital this last weekend was pretty harrowing and brought back a few unpleasant memories. I don’t really want to talk too much about it just yet as I don’t feel it is my place but they are making small improvements and should be off intensive care very soon.

On a different note I was looking on the Thomson Holidays website the other day (I shot the video and stills campaign for them last year) and came across this familiar old face. Check out the website links below:



I am also delighted to announce that i shall be joining the cast of The Rite to Rosemary its a cracking script with some extremely talented people on board and I would love it if you could take a look at the website and show your support for this film.


Short film is such an important avenue in film production, it is the training ground for all the next generation of Directors, Producers and Actors…it also gives old hands a chance to try new things without the pressure of studios and budgets…just ask Robert Rodriguez!  Without profile and public interest this much loved dynamic medium will fade away so I can’t beg you enough to give these guys your Facebook likes, your Retweets and your time, it costs you nothing and you never know, you might just launch the next Darren Aronofsky or Steven Spielberg!

I’ve always prided myself on being good to work with, avoiding the pitfalls of the inevitable Drama Queen melt down that can affect us actresses from time to time…it wasn’t always the case… 😉

Enjoy this clip of classic Madam Mounter aged 8

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Thanks for reading.


TVs, Death of a Salesman and Forest Fun

May 4th, 2014

Hi all,

Spring is all about the new and I have lots of news to share.

This month marks the sad demise of Bid TV and Price Drop TV. These channels gave me a great start in television and I met many friends there, including my husband! The channels will be missed by many and they will always hold a special place in my heart.

Things have been going at a fast rate this month, both onscreen and at home. With my birthday, wedding anniversary and baby’s first birthday coming up it’s all go go go.

Work-wise it’s been a real boom time this last few weeks. I’ve presented for an international conference in Nice, been a tech guru for Currys and PC World and been a disgusting Neanderthal cave woman for a shoot called Origins! Who said actresses need to be versatile?

I was lucky enough to work with the lovely Steve Hargrave from ITV breakfast and Sky Sports, we had a real hoot talking about all the latest technology in home entertainment systems.

The Origins shoot was great fun, we filmed in Epping Forest (right near my old drama school East 15) and spent the day with wild hair, mucky faces and grunting like constipated dinosaurs!

Some pics are below, hope you enjoy!



Filming, Fashion and Footballers

March 23rd, 2014

Hi all,

It’s been an emotional week this week, I sat, feet up and sobbing into my glass of wine watching Sport Relief. It’s difficult to write these things without sounding crass :( it’s so tough because I’m someone that likes treats and indulging myself from time to time (as I guess we all do?) and I can’t help feeling guilty for not doing more and for enjoying the life I am lucky enough to lead. I think it’s impossible not to be moved by the stories you see, especially the ones involving children and babies. My opinion is that if you sit and enjoy the entertainment they provide then you should give, not everyone can spare much but the thought and every penny counts! The moral I think is not to feel guilty for what you have, that’s self defeating, we’re trying to help other people lead better lives after all, but to spare what you can when you can to aid someone else, give them a thought and send some love around the world, Sport Relief is a great cause so let’s give! :)

I was lucky enough to be selected to be in a new commercial with Chelsea and Brazilian footballer David Luiz. He was such a lovely guy really friendly and modest and a pleasure to work with, even with the perm 😉


I also got to spend most of my day with the Brazilian presenter who was the lead in the advert. Below is a couple of shots from the day. Look at me in those specs….well they had to try to make me look intelligent. 😉

Check me out in the specs! Front row #filming

Talking of pictures I did a photoshoot for the fantastic Henrik Sorenson at the beginning of the year and the pictures have just been commissioned by Getty. Here are a few of my favourites from the day….check out the hair! :)

Really enjoying the sunshine at the moment, perfect weather with a 10 month old bubba! We have been going to the beach a lot ( near my parents) and Hugo is a typical coast baby like Mummy already, he likes fish and chips on the beach and enjoys a bit of icecream. We haven’t tried him with the cockells and whelks yet, I had them at his age and still love them so definitely soon.

Have a good weekend all.

Love Charlotte

Good Girls Go To Heaven…

March 9th, 2014


Hi all,

Has been a really busy few weeks for me. It seems it’s audition season at the moment, in my last blog I mentioned an operatic audition and learning the song Porgi Amor.

I spent a week learning the Italian, the melody and hitting so many high notes I’m surprised there’s a glass left in our house!

I was so nervous before the audition but went in and had some great feedback ( which always helps) but unfortunately I was too young for the part.

That’s just a part of the acting game and something I had to learn to accept long ago, sometimes you just aren’t exactly what they are looking for, sometimes you are!

You audition for lots and when you get the job it makes it all worth while, the trick is not dwell too much on it and move on to the next one.

I have been pencilled for a great job that films for 10 days in Germany in May so fingers crossed. I hate being away from hubby and baby so they are going to fly out with me too to keep our little family together! I am going up for a lot more commercial and photoshoot auditions now that I’m a Mummy, they seem to work in really well with juggling family life and I am lucky enough to spend virtually everyday with my little man.

I am filming a Commercial this coming Wednesday with a well known footballer so that should be fun, don’t know who it is yet….can’t be trusted! Haha…;) will be sure to get lots of pics.

Have been doing lots of family things in the week, Hugo is really coming on and hasn’t had a dummy now for 4 weeks, I would like to take credit for this however, he simply refused it so that was that! :) We are enjoying the hot weather and took a trip to Margate only yesterday. It was such good fun, arcades, chips, ice cream, sandy beaches and sunshine!


Loved it… We even attempted a family portrait…


We enjoyed a lovely meal out with hubby recently too, here is me enjoying myself out on the town.


I don’t like to post too many pictures of Hugo but I couldn’t resist posting this one of him in his Sunday best!


Thanks for reading and blog again soon.

Love Charlotte xx

Home auditions and Porgi Amor

February 5th, 2014

Hi all,

Have just looked at when i last blogged and i have to admit it’s a poor effort on my behalf, however we were all struck down with the flu virus after Christmas ( not fun with an 8 month old baby, well not fun at all but makes it harder when you’re a Mummy as you can’t rest yourself ) But we are all fighting fit now and the past week has been so busy. My days with Hugo usually start around 7am ( sometimes later ) and we have been trampolining, to play parks, beaches and feeding the ducks as well as visiting numerous coffee shops and eating cake too. Having a baby makes things more expensive as i eat out a lot more now as it’s impossible to stay in most of the day with a bustling baby.

On the work front I have been very fortunate to have done a couple of home auditions, one of them was particularly good fun as it was set in a similar genre to Merlin and with the hubby being a director we got a little bit carried away with the finishing touches…..let’s just say we got a little bit creative ;0) You may or may not know but I am also a Musical Theatre actress, Well….I haven’t been in any Musicals over the last few years (and I certainly don’t do things by halves) so when I agreed to audition this great part singing Porgi Amor from ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ was part of the audition process. Better get my operatic voice in tune, the last opera i did was Yeoman of the Guard way back! It’s not for a couple of weeks so i will have to get practice in when i can. I am delighted to say that the award winning short film I did called ‘Plastic Love’ will be available to download on Valentines Day ( a twisted treat for all you lovers out their) so if you fancy watching a film with a difference give this a go but be warned it’s not for the faint hearted. Check out the trailer here

It was a sad day for the acting world when news of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s untimely death came to light. He had a magic way of bringing charisma to madness and despair. An actors’ actor through and through.

Well, the year is whizzing by already and this year I am determined to make the most of every second, especially with Hugo and my husband. People and time are precious.


X x x

Winter Photoshoot Fun and Christmas Festivities

December 15th, 2013

I know this is a cliche but I really cannot believe it’s nearly the end of 2013, and boy what a year it has been!
For many of you that read my blog you may be aware that I had a traumatic labour in May but thank goodness, since then everything has been absolutely fine and I am feeling great, albeit knackered at times 😉 I have been fortunate enough to sign with a top agent and get some really good jobs. It’s not easy to get back into the swing of things in this profession and I’m very grateful I’ve had the opportunity to get straight back at it. With it being the odd day here and there it seems to fit in with motherhood as much as any other career could!

I did a great photoshoot last week for Getty Images, it’s one of the biggest photograph rights holders in the world so press/media/brands pay to use their images on a massive range of subjects. You know you will get a top quality image if you pay for a Getty image. A few behind the scenes shots below from the day, you’ll have to excuse the quality as they were taken on my phone but once the professional images are cleared I will pop a few of them on here.

I also thought it would be nice to get some wintery images for my website so my hubby took to the camera and came up with a few nice shots! We chose a local park and it was FREEZING hence my red nose and hot cuppa cha to be seen in some of the pictures. You can see below that I have to have a brew on a shoot 😉 The rest of my pics can be seen on my website.

I have been getting ready for Christmas, shopping all done, wrapped and most of the xmas cards now written! Cannot wait as Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year and it will be our first one as a family….very cosy!

Hope to blog again soon but, if I don’t get around to it before Christmas hope you all have a fabulous one and here’s to a great 2014.

Charlotte x x x

For all Mum’s to be or new Mum’s like me!

November 25th, 2013

Hi all,

I think you get the gist of this blog before I start. :)

It’s been a few action packed weeks for me of late. First and foremost being a Mum is a full time job in itself. Juggling that with work can be hard but the only other people that look after Hugo if I’m at work are my hubby or my Mum and Dad so I am incredibly lucky and it’s the odd day here and their so nothing full time thank goodness! :) Hugo is 6 months now and I absolutely adore my little man, he has just be signed up to the same agency that I was with during my pregnancy. In fact I am honoured to see that Chenai Fraser (who I did a shoot with just before Hugo was born) has named one of their dresses after me, needless to say I’m very flattered -I have never had anything named after me before! Below is a snap shot from their website. Also, to any pregnant ladies out their I really recommend this range, it is quite upmarket but you get what you pay for and the fabric plus cut of these clothes really makes them worthwhile. Not only are they comfortable but they are so flattering during the growing months and let’s face it ladies when we’re pregnant we often feel bloated and unattractive so these outfits are sure to give you that little boost :)


Since having Hugo I have learnt a lot, firstly we do, like most new eager excited parents have the all singing all dancing pram, it is beautiful (treat from my parents -Emmaljunga range ) and we still very much use it. However my advice now would be if you can pick up a pushchair that you can collapse easily (ours was about £70 from Mothercare) , put in the boot with minimal fuss and is lightweight that’s your best bet. It has been the BEST buy for us so far. Trust me when you have a crying baby and your trying to get out the door whilst remembering nappies, clothes change, bottle, nappy sacks, milk, bibs, sudocream plus much more whilst trying to get your coat AND remembering to go to the toilet this as you can imagine can be quite stressful.

Now girls, I’m used to being a bit of a glamour-puss, having my nails done, coiffed hair, co-ordinated outfits…I never noticed anything had changed until I found my self frantically restyling my self in the reflection of the Marks and Sparks fridges! With my crows nest hair, mismatched socks and underwear on inside out I can safely say having a baby takes over all your time when you need to get out of the door. I know what you’re all thinking, maybe I should get up a bit earlier to get myself all groomed, and I could. But the thought of seeing myself in the mirror at 5am doesn’t appeal either! For those mums to be…you’ll soon see what I mean 😉

Aside from this I am LOVING being a Mummy not wanting to sound to smug but my baby now goes through the night 7pm – 7am ( this could change I know ) and he is generally a healthy, happy little chappie who now loves the sound of his own voice. Here are a couple of pictures of Mother and Baby taken today by Daddy. I think along with many others he looks the spitting image of his Daddy. Although some say he is beginning to look more like his Mummy. I will leave that one up to you.

Winter photoshoot 2013 033

Winter photoshoot 2013 129


Thanks for reading.

Blog soon.

Love Charlotte x x x

Cypriot Dreams and Baby Days

October 25th, 2013

Hi All,

I cant believe I have left it this long since my last blog, the year is just flying by. I am going to try and blog every couple of weeks at least so if you enjoy catching up then please watch this space….. 😉

Where do I begin, well, motherhood is just the most amazing experience for me, just watching my little man grow and change every day is simply overwhelming. I can honestly say it’s an all consuming love that only a Mother would probably understand. Sometimes the days can be long and when he cries it can be extremely stressful ( like being on fast spin in a tumble dryer ) but he is a very good baby so we are pretty lucky with him, although I can see a little temper at times starting to appear, must be like his Dad…haha ;0)

As I write this I am also functioning on about 3 hours sleep as I got back in the early hours yesterday morning returning from Cyprus where we went to shoot the latest commercials and poster campaigns for Thomson holidays! One part of the commercial experience that is strange but part of the job, 4 lovely children and husband flown in, instant family! We had a busy week but lots of fun although it goes without saying my heart was heavy longing for my boys back home. Always something missing. But with these things you just have to stay focused.The cast and crew were lovely so it definitely made it so much easier. I have a few sneaky behind the scenes pictures below :-

Really looking forward to a few days off with Hugo and the hubby. It’s that time of year with a chill in the air, mist clinging to the hills all around Kent, low Autumnal light…a million miles from the still glowing sun of Ayia Napa but you know what, there really is no place like home.

There will be some seasonal fun in our household this week, we are going to do some pumpkin carving tomorrow and we always like to have a bit of fun so I will post our efforts on the next blog, should be good! :) Last year I did Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas, this year who knows…but don’t worry, there won’t be any bobbing for apples 😉

Anyway must dash…

Thanks for reading,

Charlotte x x x

Autumn rolls in…

September 12th, 2013

Hi all,

Well….I think Summer is officially over ( well it seems to be here in Kent anyway ) It has been such a wonderful Summer with beautiful weather, lots of BBQ’s and plenty of beach time. Although being a new Mummy has been very demanding and it has all been about Hugo and keeping him out of the sun, bless him! :)

Motherhood is absolutely brilliant, I am loving every minute of it. Don’t get me wrong it is so hard at times, the lack of sleep as well as the daily demands that start from around 6.00am are life changing but it is so worth it. It’s a lot easier now he has settled into a nice little routine though, so far so good!

Talking of routines my little man had a change of routine the other day with his first ( and I’m sure ) many trips to London. I had a Commercial Casting for Disney and he was a very good boy. He slept most of the way there and back. :) I drove up and I know next time we will conquer the underground. I also had more Commercial Auditions on Friday just gone. Commercials are great for any new Mum as you are not away filming for too long and often your baby can travel with you! Yes Hugo now has his own passport already! :)

I can’t say too much but in the first one, bearing in mind you usually have about 3 to 4 max people in the room, there were about 15 people staring back at me. Talk about intimidating.! They both went well and I popped in to see my lovely agent and had a nice brew in between auditions so it was really LOVELY, we put the world to rights for a good 30 minutes!:)

I did a corporate job for the the Discovery Channel the other day. It was a long day about 12 hours but my hubby looked after Hugo so I was happy to do it. A few cheeky behind the scenes snaps below. I had a wonderful make up artist as you can probably tell…. she was very talented and one of the best in the business :)

And yes I finally took Hugo on the underground and to prove we did it, here he is on the underground with mummy!


I am loving being able to enjoy a glass of bubbles again, as I write this I am enjoying a lovely glass whilst watching Dragon’s Den, oooo this is the life!

I’ll be sure to update you all soon


Hugo, New Management and Sleep Deprivation!

August 13th, 2013

Hi all,

It has been a whirlwind past few weeks for me since giving birth to Hugo. As I write this blog he has been asleep for the past 2 hours and he seems to be settling into a nice little routine now ( famous last words ) but only time will tell. I am not going to deny that Motherhood is hard and tiring but I am absolutely loving waking up to my little man every day. I don’t want to gush to much but I have fallen head over heels for him. After a 13 hour day of play though it is nice to get him to bed and settle down with a nice glass of bubbles. :) I couldn’t resist uploading this cheeky snap of my little man:-


It can be hard juggling Motherhood with a career and I am very lucky that I can pick and choose what I want to do to fit around Hugo. I have just changed agents and I am delighted to now be represented by Chris Davis Management. I am very excited to venture into this new chapter of my career with Chris and Triona working on my behalf and look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead.

As any new Mum or Dad will know, the first three months with a baby is pretty hard due to the lack of sleep ( thank goodness for coverup ) so I have been making the most of this lovely warm weather with trips to the seaside, BBQ’s and plenty of cups of tea. My husband celebrated his 31st Birthday recently and we had the most amazing t-bone steaks on the BBQ, they were sooooo good! You can’t beat a good old sausage on the barbie though, can you? You can see below some of the fun that’s been had :-

photo (2) 484075_10151518301371541_52279658_nphoto (3)12959_10151518300926541_1191861672_n

We are off to the Isle of Wight soon to see my brother and his family so really looking forward to catching up with them all. I have also been reading a few good scripts recently, one of the being my husbands latest short film. I am biased but it is very good, I am in the process of persuading him that I know a certain actress who would be great for the female lead….haha 😉

Thanks for reading my blog.



Mumma, Dadda, Bubba Maternity Range

June 27th, 2013

Hi all,

Things are finally beginning to settle down after the trauma of recent events. I am loving being a Mummy to Hugo and he is such a delight to be around. He is very alert and absolutely LOVES his food! It’s hard to know when to stop feeding him. 😉

I have recently received the photographs from my photoshoot with Mumma,Dadda, Bubba for there latest maternity range. This was the last shoot I did before I gave birth to Hugo, it seems like a lifetime ago when I look at the pictures now. The photographs were taken by the fantastic Jo Barker Photography.
and the entire maternity collection can be viewed on the official website at Mumma Dadda Bubba.

The pictures are below. :)




Love’s Labour’s Lost

June 8th, 2013

Giving birth is one of the most special and life affirming moments of any woman’s life.  Bringing forth into the world that screaming little bundle of joy after carrying them with love for nine months is truly a landmark and transforms us all from independent women into mothers.  What nature intended us for.  For many women just the opportunity to be pregnant is a dream held so dearly that it can cause so much angst and pain as well as the happiness and bliss that others take for granted. My journey into motherhood started in September last year, I fell pregnant and my husband and I were overjoyed.

We counted ourselves so lucky, we progressed with scans at 12 weeks, 20 weeks and finally a 3D scan at 26 weeks.  All in all my pregnancy progressed smoothly, albeit with the usual first time parent jitters that we suffered along the route.  Moments of worry and overwhelming emotion, it wasn’t easy although immensely exciting. All through my pregnancy everything was straight forward and I was classed as low risk, this meant I was able to have my dream birth plan of a water birth on the Midwife led unit at my local hospital…………

Child birth has always been a precarious  state, many women and children over the centuries could testament to how tenuous the control of life and death can be.  Even in today’s world of medical marvel things still can and do go wrong. I wasn’t sure whether I actually wanted to blog about my labour at first but I have thought long and hard about it and have made the decision that it is what I want to do and hopefully I will find it quite cathartic and some of you may find things that strike a chord. I apologise that some of my memories are hazey, much of my story is pieced together from long discussions and soul searching into the early hours with my husband, my mother and counsellors, now you will find out why…..

It was the 20th of May and a normal Monday morning, my hubby had gone off to work in London when I had a ‘ show’ , feeling the adrenaline pumping and the impulse to immediately speak to Mark I got on the phone and explained what had happened.   It was early days so we agreed he shouldn’t come home just yet, not until I had phoned the hospital and spoken to my Mum. After phoning both my Mum and hospital my Mum decided to come over to my house to pick me up.

By this time my pains were getting progressively worse so we decided to drive straight to the hospital. Upon arrival I was taken to a lovely room on the Midwife Led Unit.  I had decided to have a water birth and got my bikini on ready with my large over sized black nightie over the top. The room was large with a lovely pool at the back of the room that resembled something from a luxurious hotel, there were low lights a comfy bed and a sofa, heart FM on the radio and an en suite bathroom.  On appearances I really couldn’t have asked for more.  At this stage the pain was mild to moderate at this stage but manageable. My husband soon arrived after high tailing it back from London and within seconds my waters broke. The timing was magical. This is perfect I thought, just how I wanted it to be, in the Midwife Led Unit with my husband and my Mum.

Things were progressing as normal and I had managed to get to around 5cm dilated with breathing control alone.  It was at this stage I decided to go into the birthing pool to help manage the pain,with soothing warm water I instantly felt the contractions being eased.  It was always my plan to use gas and air if I needed it, there was no way I was going to be a martyr to pain.  As any woman that’s been through child birth will tell you, it hurts. A lot.  The pressure squeezing your entire body in ever increasing increments makes you feel like your whole body will collapse in on your self, it seems never ending, it’s exhausting.  Any man that believes that childbirth is overrated only has to sit next to the woman they love and care for more than anything else and see her battle through the biggest challenge of her life.  I was very lucky, both my mother and husband were tremendous supports to me in my labour.  And in the end I thank God that they were there.

I did not shout or scream once.  I had resigned myself that I would focus, be strong and use every ounce of will in me to see my baby into the world as safely as I was able.  Whether that meant pethidine, gas and air or epidural I was open to it if I needed it.  From the sounds from the other rooms on the unit I think I must have had a much better time of it than some of those poor ladies, the screams and moans were like something from London Dungeons.  We all cringed as the girl in the next room screamed and swore at her mother as her little baby made his birth push, the piercing sounds of women screaming in agony will stay with me forever.

My labour continued through the night and this is where my memories become very sketchy, details are like blurry faces swimming in murky water washing forth before disappearing into the ether.  I can remember spending time in the toilet splashing my face, I can remember drinking sips of water, I can even remember having some snacks. My final memory is vomiting all over the floor……next BLANK.

I rejoin the story again on Wednesday morning although I can say honestly that I rejoined it with any sort of coherence or real memory Thursday afternoon.  My first image is my father standing over me telling me that I’d had my beautiful baby boy and that he was doing well.  Completely disorientated and confused what he was saying didn’t make sense, I tried to move in my bed to check my tummy but immediately realised I was unable to move.  My throat was excruciatingly sore as was my nose.  My hands and arms were pierced with tubes and cables, I had a ventilator in my nose, catheter in my bladder, a weird blood filled drain tubing out of my abdomen. I panicked.  I had NO idea where I was, all I knew was that I had to deliver my baby.

It was then, through bleary morphine cursed eyes that I saw a little photo taped to the side of my bed, there was a little angel laying in a Special Care cot, a little message written on the back :

‘Dear Mummy,

Thank you for helping me arrive all safe and sound, I know you are sleeping for a little while right now but I am waiting for you when you wake up.

Love from



I couldn’t understand it, he was still in my tummy, I could feel my bump.  Nothing seemed right.  It was like somebody had taken away all of the last few days. My husband hadn’t left my side and I have flash backs now of him being there but again I was so confused. My puzzle had to be filled in.  This is not what should of happened, so what went wrong?  What had happened in the gaps that I still now can’t comprehend?  My husband and Mum started to fill me in. From the early hours of Tuesday morning I can only recite here what my mother and husband experienced.

They both were at my side every second of my labour the whole night.  They experienced every twinge, every pain and every moment I did.  Looking back in hindsight both my birthing partners had become aware that I wasn’t quite myself from the early hours of the morning, the midwife checked intermittently and reassured them that my behaviour was normal.  I was becoming increasingly vague, less responsive and gradually receding inside myself.  It was put down to tiredness and focus.  In retrospect I think the midwife got it wrong, very wrong.

Please excuse the openness here but there isn’t really any other way to describe the visceral nature of childbirth…I hadn’t been to the toilet to pass urine all night, I had had rapid bowel movements and vomited profusely at about 6am.  My grip on reality had become very tenuous, I was desperate to call out to the people closest to me, the fog in my head too great, too  thick.  Inside I was screaming but my exterior was placid, calm, in control. My legs and hands had tripled in size, the skin heavily mottled.  Now you could put these symptoms down to normal pregnancy but all in succession they indicate somehting a little more sinsiter.   I had been in labour all night, reached 9 1/2 cm and I cannot remember a thing. By this stage the staff hand over had been done. A new midwife came in and realised something wasn’t right.

She noted my overly swollen bladder that had missed all night immediately despite palpations.  She was concerned that I couldn’t finish the dilation on the Midwife Unit and arranged for me to be transferred to the Labour Ward to see if they could push the last part through. Just prior to this stage my husband noticed that I had begun to act very strangely, I had developed a startled flinching reaction to nothing in particular.  It was very odd repetitive twitch.  He told the midwives although they seemed unconcerned.  They asked me to push to see if this would spur on the last part of my labour, baby’s head was very low already, at first I didn’t respond.  When Mark coached me I don’t think I either fully understood or was too tired and let out a pathetic puff from my lips.  Mark coached me again with the same result, very worrying.

After us talking this through, and talking and talking and talking I know Mark finds it very hard to come to terms with this. I was catheterized and they moved me to the Labour Ward to push on my dilation to the full 10 cms to deliver my little darling.   Too little too late by then… I was wheeled down the corridor to the Labour Ward and was taken into a side room.  My bed was parked next to the one I was to be transferred to and Mark moved around to help the midwives move me across to the new bed.  My flinching had become more pronounced and I was completely out of it.  My mother (a retired and experienced nurse) immediately saw what was going to happen,

“She’s going to fit, look at her she’s going to have a fit!”

My mother was immediately and rudely moved out of the room as it was deemed she was causing unnecessary panic. Moments later, in my husband’s arms…and this blows my mind..I had a huge fit.  I convulsed violently in my husband’s arms.  My eyes rolled into my head, my veins and muscles crunched, I spasmed and foamed. The crash team rushed in and Mark was prised away in tears and panic.

The next 30 minutes were the worst of my husband and parent’s life. Eventually the amazing Consultant Ross came out of theatre with my beautiful little boy.  There is not enough that can be said for the professionalism, skill and heart of men like him and the young Obstetrician Rachael that saved my life.

I was kept in an induced coma for the next 24 hours, the doctors and experts wanted to give me a full brain scan to see what caused the seizure.  Lots of issues had to be investigated, serious issues.  One thing they were certain of was that the fit was not due to Pre-eclampsia although they treated me as such when the seizure occurred.  They administered a brain sedative before they rushed me to theatre for the emergency caesarian section.  As at that stage they couldn’t rule out a bleed on the brain or anything just as sinister so I had to be given a general anaesthetic instead of anything spinal due to serious medical risks. Again the next couple of hours were all about awaiting the tests results, so bitter sweet as my baby was on the Special Care Baby Unit and Mummy was unconscious. It was just a case of waiting.

Luckily, everything was normal apart from my low sodium levels.

Waking up in ITU is still a dream, I can remember just lying there, feeling my stomach, wondering where my baby was.  Once I had woken my husband was allowed to bring Hugo up to ITU to see me. My perfect baby, all I wanted was a cuddle but to be honest I can’t really remember this but the photographs jog my memory. I was in a complete state, I was still catheterized, I had cuts around my mouth and nostrils where I had tried to pull the tubes out, bruising around my eyes where I had fitted and a c section scar that was very badly bruised so I was in a pretty bad way.

After 9 days in hospital I was finally allowed home, I am managing very well at home and still get very bad headaches but that is expected. I have to go back to see the Consultants very soon and they have asked my permission to write an article on my case as it is very rare.   Me and Hugo are lucky to be here and I am going to enjoy every minute of him.

It has been a tumultuous time for us all, emotions are raw and I’m not afraid to admit it has been very, very difficult.  To try and come to terms with the fact that I will never remember giving birth to my firstborn breaks my heart although I know that I am lucky.  he is here, we are on the mend and loved by our precious family. ……oh and if you wanted to see him, a picture of Mum with baby  and a shot of Dad below too :)

Love to all,

Charlotte. x x x



The Final Countdown..

May 16th, 2013

Hi all,

Well to be honest with you it’s all pretty much ‘ baby mode’ in my house at the moment! We are both so excited but I can promise you now no matter how proud I am I will try not to become a ‘ baby bore’ 😉 I have been there myself when people bombard you with their baby pictures, scans etc, I know I will be tempted to pretty much show anybody a gallery of the latest pictures but I WILL be strong and at least wait until people ask me before I get the most recent 100 pictures out to look at on my phone. :)


I am not sure whether it is my pregnancy hormones but I still have days where I have so much energy! I am still swimming and keeping myself busy and this ‘nesting syndrome’ is going to have to stop soon as their is only so many times you can keep cleaning. Although I must say my house is looking rather sparkly.:) Everything is now all prepared and ready to go. It is just a case of waiting now.


Obviously not being able to work at the moment I find myself lingering over all of the ‘ reduced bargains’. It was unbelievable the other day, I decided to do a little bit of bargain hunting in M&S on a Sunday afternoon. Well this one lady was like a vulture ( I kid you not ) She had picked up all of the reduced items before any other human could get within a reasonable distance of seeing what was on offer! The Vulture lady had a rather impressive swiping action, she literally had a whole trolley full. I was getting increasingly frustrated and I think I said something rather loudly which she ignored 😉 Am I going back this Sunday? Same time, Same place….Round 2 😉


We also celebrated our First Wedding Anniversary on Sunday. I was very spoiled with some beautiful red roses, cute gifts and lots of pampering! The year has gone so quickly and I can’t believe it will be the three of us very soon. I am now 39 weeks pregnant and look ready to drop. We cannot wait to meet our little man, he looks like a hobbit in his 26 week 3D scans so it is only a matter of time to see whether this is accurate. Hopefully he will be here sooner rather than later. All being well I have opted for a water birth so will keep you posted. :)

Anyway, I must dash now. I have fajitas to cook ( extra spicy )

Here are some recent pics from yet ANOTHER pregnancy photoshoot…enjoy!



Blog soon.


Charlotte. x x x x



Mumma Dadda Bubba Photoshoot

May 5th, 2013

Hi all,

Had a wonderful day this week in scenic Bishop Stortford modelling for new maternity wear company Mumma Dadda Bubba.

As you can see we had a glorious day of sunshine out in the countryside and we were very well looked after.

With sandwiches galore and a healthy scampi and chips for lunch, baby (and mummy!) were fed and ready for action. 😉

Please have a peruse through my photo diary of my day in Essex! :)


































x x x

April Antics

April 16th, 2013

Hello all,

Well….April has been an eventful, exciting and well travelled month so far. I had a lovely train journey up to the Scottish Highlands with my family to spend a long weekend celebrating my cousin’s wedding. The wedding took place in a quaint little church in a place called Callander and then we went on to celebrate with a wonderful reception at the Dunblane Hydro. Following which was a delicious three course meal, a Caleigh (which I couldn’t do due to being 33 weeks pregnant, I was tempted though) and a disco.

It was a fun packed weekend, and the hotel I stayed in was gorgeous. I managed to fit in a morning swim, a delicious cooked breakfast and spending precious time with my family. I wore a blue lace dress with pink accessories and one of my personal highlights was my hubby having to paint my toenails for me. I honestly cannot see my feet anymore. Oh well, may as well take advantage whilst I can and he didn’t make to bad a job either. 😉

We stayed on a day in a little cottage with my parents and breathed in one last bit of the fresh Trossach air blowing off the lochs and bens. We ate very healthily (not!) with bacon sandwiches, battered sausages and of course chips…got to love the Scottish diet. No haggis or black pudding for me however hubby tucked right in.

I am five weeks away from my due date now and am sooooo very excited. The plan is to have a water birth all being well and we went for a tour of the hospital last weekend and the rooms are beautiful. Like a 5* hotel. If i’m going to suffer all of that pain I may as well suffer in style that’s what I say. The nursery is nearly finished so it’s just a case of counting down the days now and getting the last few extra bits :)

I have stopped working for now but I did manage to fit in a sneaky photoshoot today with the super talented Peter Alan. He specializes in print work and loves to work with natural older methods of photography. He sells most of his pictures at exhibitions and many have sold for commercial purposes so hopefully we will do quite well. I will put a few of the finished ones up when they are done but for now I will leave you with a sneaky peak behind the scenes…. Please note I am wearing something that you clean a car with here, seriously I kid you not. This photographer loves to experiment.

Blog again soon.

x x x

March Marvels :)

March 23rd, 2013

Hi all,

It has been a very busy couple of weeks for me, I have been up and down to London, ordering lots of baby things for our nursery,attending shoots and castings and entertaining the family for Mother’s Day as well. Of course, being pregnant it isn’t always a good idea to be running around sometimes I do not know when to stop. The trouble is I have quite a bit of energy at the moment so the temptation is to run around doing things like I usually do when I actually need to sit and relax. Mother’s Day was lovely, I did an afternoon tea which consisted of Ham and Tomato, Egg and Cress, Cheese and Pickle and Cheese and Onion Sandwiches, with a variety of crisps, lots of cherry tomatoes all finished off with some delicious hot cross buns, clotted cream and jam. Was there any waste?? Of course not. The Mounter’s are big eaters.

The nursery is really coming along now, he is going to be a very lucky boy as he has a lot of brand new bits and bobs from my Mum and Dad and my Sister! My parents have bought him the most beautiful pram it was very pricey but GORGEOUS! My Mum thinks she is having him, she has a nursery for him at her house too :) 😉 and there was my Dad looking forward to some quiet retirement time.

So far I have had a great pregnancy, although yesterday I had to go to hospital as my blood pressure dropped causing me to go very light headed, everything was fine but I was told to slow down so now I am going to take advantage of DVD box sets, some classic Carry On films and maybe ab it of daytime TV.Sounds lovely :) Oh as well as eating literally anything I can get my hands on.

I did a still’s lifestyle photographic shoot for Beautiful Bumps Agency last week and I have attached some pictures below. We had great fun and I’m fairly pleased with the final result. But you know what it’s like when you look at pictures of yourself, you sometimes squirm….well I do!

Anyway, I am off to put my feet up now.

Will blog again soon.

Lots of love,


New York, Edinburgh and Cannes

March 6th, 2013

Hi all,

Hope you are all okay. It has been a very exciting few weeks for me as the film I made last year (Plastic Love) has been accepted into three major film festivals. I am so proud as the film was made on a shoestring budget and when I first read the script I must admit I wasn’t sure, not because the script was poor but because it was very risque but after much discussion and thought I decided to do it. I am SO happy I made that decision as it is a great little short film. A black comedy with a heart is how I like to describe it :)

The first bit of good news is when I found out it had got into the Cinekink festival to be shown in New York, so if you happen to be in the Big Apple then please do give it a look!

It has also got into the Bootleg Film Festival in Edinburgh as well. Unfortunately I won’t be able to go this year but again if you are in Edinburgh, these nights come highly recommended as they are great fun, you get to watch some really good films and then after the films finish you get to listen to some great bands and DJs whilst enjoying a few drinkies along the way.

Finally (the most exciting one in my opinion) is the Cannes Film Festival. The festival of festivals. It’s a prestigious, glitzy, glamorous star studded event that I am so proud to be part of.   If you see any A listers on the red carpet then you never know, you might see our Director Jamie Hooper bobbing around in the background 😉

There is a great mention of the film in the latest podcast from ‘Chris and Phil Present’.  Scroll on to 53 mins and hear what they thought of the film :)

I have also added a  recent review if you are interested :)

That’s all for now.

Lots of love,

Charlotte. x x x

My Baby…

February 26th, 2013


Hi all,

Where is this year going?! I’m going to start with talking about my latest photoshoot above, I have been going up for a lot of pregnancy related work at the moment and was offered this particular shoot a few weeks back. I was very reluctant to accept the shoot to start with, I just wasn’t sure whether I would feel that comfortable doing it. But after seeing the photographers work and how beautiful these pregnant women looked It helped make my mind up. Anyway, as you can see from the picture above I did finally decide to do it and the selected pictures will go on public display in various gallery’s very soon. I have another photoshoot this coming Wednesday in Battle so will post a few of the pictures if you fancy having a look on my next blog. :) I am also going for a lot of voiceover work at the moment, they don’t care whether I have a giant football in front of me or look slightly sickly so here’s hoping I get a few more of those.

Talking of a giant football I am now 28 weeks pregnant, I found the second trimester so much easier than the first one with no nausea or hormonal moments 😉 I am craving anything sweet, I don’t usually have a sweet tooth but now it’s doughnuts, croissants, waffles you name it I’ll probably eat it. I am eating for two though so that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. I must admit I do love being pregnant though, he is starting to move and kick a lot more now which is lovely. We also had a 3D scan done last week and they are AMAZING – so clear and detailed. They are pricey but well worth the spending if you can afford it. The only thing that is starting to get a little more uncomfortable now is bed time, between running to the toilet, sleeping with what I call a ” seahorse” pillow in between my legs and tackling the odd back pain sleep can be difficult. But I’m sure there are a lot of pregnant women who have it far worse than me so I’m not really complaining :)

I’m really looking forward to the spring now, the clocks go forward next month which is great and I’m looking forward to Summer Barbeques again with a LARGE glass of BUBBLES……YAY! I know probably a lot of sleepless nights to come too but I’m hoping he will be a very good boy.

That’s it from me for today. I really hope you like the above picture and I will blog again very soon.

Keep warm.

Love Charlotte. xxxx

January 2013

January 29th, 2013

Happy New Year all,

As you may have seen already from some of my recent photos I am well and truly pregnant. We’re very happy and can’t wait to meet our little bundle of joy later this year.

It was a rough first three months with nausea, back ache and worst of all off my bubbles! Looking forward to my first glass after baby arrives!

After the 20 week scan thought I’d take a little ‘me’ break to Bruges with my hubby…we took in the Belfort Tower, a horse and carriage ride, the Groeninge  Museum and of course lots and lots of waffles 😉

Been a different sort of working life carrying a baby, doing some presenting and going up for commercials and photo shoots still… it’s hard for programme makers to use pregnant ladies for obvious reasons so things might get a little tough, but there are many ways to skin a cat and I’m going to be as resourceful as I can these next few months.

On the plus side we won’t be going short as baby has already been signed up to an agent…I kid you not! 😉


x x x

Hedda Gabler Pre-Production Photoshoot

December 23rd, 2012

Hi all,

Just a few days before Christmas and I’m getting very excited, things are definitely festive in our house-hold!

Here are some photos from a photoshoot I did for Hedda Gabler to keep you all going until after the New Year!

Christmas Wishes for 2012!

December 22nd, 2012

Hi all,

Sorry I have not blogged in a while I have been super busy as always. I am really looking forward to Christmas this year! Have got a few days off until the New Year so I am going to make the most of it with my family. We are over at my parents Christmas Day and Boxing Day, I am taking my Nephews to see The Hobbit (let’s hope they can sit still) on the 27th and then off to see the local pantomime of Sleeping Beauty on the 29th so lot’s to do and then it’s back to work for me in January!

I am delighted that Plastic Love the short film I am starring in has now been finished. I personally think it is fantastic. It is fun,quirky,kinky,evocative,provocative and it WILL make you cringe in places but I am hoping it will do really well at the film festivals and once it has been shown I will pop a link onto my website if you fancy taking a look. It is an 18 certificate and certainly not for the eyes of children.

I also have a new commercial coming out in January for Payday UK where I play Sandra.You maybe familiar with them. It is very cool advert! We shot it on a very windy day on a submarine in Kent. Luckily I am not very tall otherwise head space could of been a problem.;) I haven’t seen it myself yet but as soon as I am allowed I will pop a link on here for you.

I was fortunate enough to be able to do a photoshoot at the beautiful Maunsell House in Somerset recently. I got to play dress up for the afternoon. I have just received a copy of the pictures so will try and pop a few on tomorrow night if I can work out how too!

That’s about it from me for now,thanks for reading my blog and I will be doing alot more blogging in 2013!

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and lots of love,health and happiness for 2013.

Charlotte x x x

Autumn 2012

November 5th, 2012

Hi All,

As always it’s been a productive few months. I’ve been buried away in ghostly castles and stately mansions for the filming of Hedda Gabler. Here’s a few sneak peaks at some of the make up and costume design.

It’s been tough to-ing and fro-ing to Somerset and back but let’s hope it’s worth it in the end!



September 30th, 2012

Acting,Voiceover’s,General Anaesthetic,and a sneaky peak of one of my latest photoshoots!

September 22nd, 2012

Hi All,

I hope you are keeping well. It is officially the first day of Autumn today and I have to admit I put my heating on the other day as I was so cold! Having said that though, I do enjoy the change of the seasons and am quite looking forward to some cosy nights by the fire. :)

It has been a really busy time for me recently not only with work but having to take time off to go into hosptial too.I will tell you more about that later! I have been going to lots of castings and am SO DELIGHTED to say I have just been offered the most fantastic part in a brand new feature film. Unfortunately I am not able to say anything else about it at the moment apart from the fact that we start rehearsing next week. As soon as I am allowed to mention it, ( which should be in the next couple of weeks ) I will so watch this space. :)

I also did a really fun voiceover this week for the Payday UK website. It’s for the new cartoon animation and I had to read it in the style of my character ‘Sandra’. You may be familiar with the recent television commercials that are currently showing at the moment! If you are you will know who Sandra is :) I always find voiceovers quite strange, there is something quite odd about listening to the sound of your own voice… ;0)

On a very different note a couple of weeks back I had to go into hospital to have two of my wisdom teeth removed. I have never been under a general before so I was quite nervous. I was chatting away to the anaesthetist whilst waiting for the count down from 10 to 1 when he said, “would you mind if we put this mask over your face to help with your breathing”? to which i replied “no of course not “. The next thing I know I am being woken up by a nurse! I had been under for a whole hour and the funniest thing about one of my teeth ( which I have pickled in a jar ) is that it looks just like a stiletto, I kid you not 😉 I love it, ONLY ME! I am feeling so much better now and would like to thank the wonderful staff at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital in particually Mr McKenzie. He did a marvellous job and I didn’t have alot of swelling just very stiff and achy.

I have also had a fabulous photoshoot which took place by the Fordwich lakes in Kent. It was a beautiful evening and I have attached a few of the pictures taken that night. The downside was that I had two MASSIVE horsefly bites on my legs the next day, they went bright red then purple. I can honestly say I have never had a bite that bad before.

Anyway must dash now as I have lines to learn. :) I look forward to blogging again soon.

Much love,


Playing Mum in Poppin Hoppies

August 24th, 2012

Hello everyone,

Hollywood is full of ‘reboots’ these days, and if they can do it so can we…

Some of you may remember this advert for Poppin Hoppies back in the day…

Well here are a few sneaky pics from behind the scenes on set of the latest ‘reboot’ starring yours truly 😉

Remember, it’s not out yet so keep ‘Mum’ 😉

Have a great bank holiday weekend and hopefully you’ll get some BBQ weather!



x x x

Haggis, Adventures and 007 :)

August 20th, 2012

Hi all,

It has been super busy for me over the past couple of months. I have recently returned from a wonderful family holiday in the beautiful Trossachs. We were so lucky with the weather this year, the first couple of days were rainy and then the rest of the holiday it was lovely and sunny. It was a jam packed week taking in all of the local sights such as Stirling Castle, Loch Katrine and Loch Lomond. I also climbed Ben Venue as well, it was very tiring but we got to the top!I am not a regular climber but I can see why people do it, I felt tired yet exhilarated afterwards. My hair band also broke half way up the mountain and after fumbling through my bag the best thing I could find was a SOCK so I had to make do with that tied around my hair! ( tricks of the trade ) 😉 It did the trick though.

I also discovered whilst being in the highlands that I am scared of goats (don’t laugh), historically they have been associated with the devil and I can absolutely see why! With their manic eyes and being growled at by a group of them I was terrified…or maybe it was just the affect I had on them.:)

I have also been quite busy with castings and practicing my singing. I would very much like to do another Musical again. I had such a wonderful time touring with Bill Kenwright Ltd and working with the late Christopher Neame on ‘Courtenay’ that Musical Theatre will always be very special to me. I just need to find a few more upbeat ladies songs to work on! I seem to have lots ballads but not enough fun tunes!

If you were wondering what 007 meant it is a new agent of course ;0) Yes I am delighted to be officially signing with the brilliant Stephanie Evans Associates next week. She is very good and I am flattered that she has signed me up and am very much looking forward to working with her. We have some exciting times ahead :)

I am off now but if you fancy taking a look I have added a couple more pieces to my latest showreel!

Blog again soon.

Love Charlotte. x x x

Summer shenanigans and shindigs so far!

July 1st, 2012


Sorry it’s been a while since my last blog. As usual been a really busy few months, but this time, not all work!

My big day finally came and I became a Mrs. :) :) I got married on May 12th on a beautiful summer day here in Kent. It was a perfect day.

Had a wonderful time from start to finish :)

As well as getting married I of course had my honeymoon and we chose Jamaica. Would have been idyllic apart from one small thing..I got gastro-enteritis on day 2 and was bed ridden for most of the trip :s All better now although was touch and go as we had to have the doctor out to look after me.

My first job after all this was a test photo shoot for the superb Oli Kellet, I play a 1950s styled business woman walking some very exotic looking dogs indeed!

On your screens soon will be the latest Payday UK commercial that regular readers will have had a sneak peak behind the scenes of on a Lancaster Bomber. All geared up to film the next one in the early part of July :)

Money Boomerang Commercial – Space City Productions

May 6th, 2012

Birthdays and April showers

April 28th, 2012

Hi All,

How is everyone?! Enjoying the rain ;0) haha! I really do not know what is happening with the weather at the moment. It has been pouring down all week here in Kent. Let’s hope our spring starts to kick in soon. Talking of Spring who can remember back to the weather on the date of the Royal Wedding on the 29th April last year? I certainly can as it was the same day as my birthday and we had a HUGE family barbecue outside with paddling pools and all sorts, I am celebrating it with family and friends this year. Let’s see if we can eat outside, oh and yes I will be 32…..(getting on a bit now…shhhhhhh) :) :)

I have had a very busy week with auditions and castings, I am waiting on a film audition that I had last week. I had to do a Scottish accent for it and if I get it I will be filming in Vienna next month. Fingers crossed.

I am also off to Jamaica next month for a whole week, It is going to be pure 5* luxury with a butler service and a la carte food. Have really pushed the boat out. I will be swimming with the dolphins, horseback rising along the ocean and watching the sunset at the infamous Rick’s Cafe! A well earned break, I’m a lucky girl :)

I will be blogging again very soon. Have a great weekend and before you go why not check out my Mercedes Benz Corporate video that I shot last month.

A Mercedes Benz Corporate video for the new B-Class model car. March 2012

Charlotte x x x

New Showreel!

April 19th, 2012

A collection of Charlotte Mounter’s screen work to date. There’s more on it’s way with commercials for Payday UK, Mercedes Benz and Money Boomerang as well as some new film work. Keep your eyes peeled!

New Plastic Love Trailer! :)

April 19th, 2012

A dark and twisted tale of love, loss, obsession and fetishes.

© http://www.fingercuffproductions.co.uk


Ooh Matron!

April 18th, 2012

Here are some stills from my latest commercial, I play a nurse…oooh Matron! 😉

Enjoy :)


x x x

Charlotte and Ipads!

April 4th, 2012

Hi Everyone,

Here are some stills from the shoot last week… :)

:) :)

Mercedes Marvels!

April 2nd, 2012

Hi All,

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, I have been super busy! I have been going for lots of castings and auditions and just last week I shot the latest in house videos for the new Mercedes B Class Model.

Looking forward to Easter as my brother and his family are coming to visit…about to make some cheeky Easter cakes for the boys (my brother included! 😉 ). The cakes are easy peasy …melted chocolate, cornflakes and mini eggs! 😉 Just call me Delia :)

Really enjoying the sunshine at the moment, cannot wait to get into the garden and start using the BBQ properly.

You can now follow me on twitter @CMounter

You will have to bear with me as I am just getting used to tweeting!

Lots of love


‘Ghosts’ by The Ghosts

March 17th, 2012

Also, the eagle-eyed of you may have spotted my brief cameo in the new music promo by The Ghosts…




Behind The Scenes of Payday UK Parachute Commercial

March 14th, 2012

Hi All,

Well with 2012 in full swing I thought I would share a little of the life behind the scenes of the Payday UK commercials!


x x x

Pictures Taken On Set Of My Latest Film

February 6th, 2012



x x x

We say farewell to a local legend!

February 1st, 2012

Hi all,

It has been a busy start as always.

So far this year I’m happy to say will see more of the Commander and Sandra in the Payday UK campaign. I can’t say too much but it looks bigger and better than ever :) :)

This week I attended the memorial for local legend Dave Lee. For those not familiar with this Kent comic he was larger than life and raised lots of money for charity right up until his untimely death this New Year. I had the privilege of meeting him a few times and he was totally charming, he will be sorely missed in Canterbury’s Panto season this year.

I will be filming a new film this month, a film set after World War 2 in a holding camp for Nazi sympathisers…heavy stuff! I play the lead, a Machiavellian mistress that survives in the holding camps through her womanly charms and calculating methods. It start’s shooting tomorrow ( 2nd February ) and I cannot wait!

Hopefully also out this month will be the music video Ghost’s which I appear in, I am not allowed to see it yet but once I do and I have the record company’s permission I will put a link to it on here for you all to see. The song is great and very catchy. Apparently the video does look fantastic so watch this space…. :)

Must dash now, I have a train to catch.

Blog soon.

Love Charlotte. x x x

2012 adventures begin!

January 15th, 2012


A belated Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. I had a fantastic time with all of my family, we were all over at my parents house this year so there was plenty to eat and drink and lots of fun and games. I took my niece and nephew to see Cinderella at The Marlowe Theatre, it really was superb. I also had my nephews down from the Isle Of Wight so we all went to see Puss in Boots at the cinema followed by a Pizza Hut – very good times :) A highlight was meeting the Archbishop of Canterbury at the Christmas Service in Canterbury Cathedral as well, truly magical.

My New Year was a quiet but lovely one, I was thoroughly spoilt and very lucky to go out for dinner at Michael Caines restaurant! DELICIOUS… :) Highly recommended but highly expensive 😉

Work wise I have just been signed up to do the Television Commercials for Payday UK, the internet virals that I did last year were a huge success and the new adverts are going to look amazing. We have parachute jumps, a World War 2 bomber and even a submarine! All put together by a fantastic crew and director so really looking forward to filming those next month.

Just before Christmas I had a call from Channel 5 asking me whether I would be interested in playing an American model who was murdered by her lover for a new documentary series. I said yes of course but unfortunately it didn’t work out this time :( Oh well onwards and upwards as they say. :)

If there’s any sports fans out there you may have caught the squash on Sky Sports 2 last weekend. It was directed by my fiancé and it was the first time I have ever seen the squash televised. I have to say ( I know I’m bias ) but it looked fantastic and I was very impressed. If you are a squash fan then check out the Tournament Of Champions in New York this next week that he’ll be directing :)

That’s all from me for now, I will be blogging again very soon.

Love Charlotte. x x x x

Happy Christmas!

December 23rd, 2011

Hello all,

Well, it’s that time of year again! I am really excited about Christmas and cannot wait to have all of the family together and enjoy tucking in to lots of nice food, have a few glasses of champers and being with the people I love, oh and of course not forgetting the presents!! :)

I am off to the Cathedral service later on this afternoon, it will be magical and the perfect way to really get into the whole spirit of Christmas! Touch wood everybody seems to be fairly healthy in the Mounter family this year so here’s hoping for a cold and flu free day on the 25th. I am off to my parents on Christmas Day and they have got LOADS of delicious food in and plenty to drink as well so it should be lots of fun as my brothers, sister, niece and nephews are all going to be there to join in the celebrations as well.

On a different note the first official trailer to my latest short film ” Plastic Love” has just been released. Please take a look but be warned it is certainly not for children. I am extremely proud of it, it’s risqué and it pushes the boundaries but it’s also funny, edgy, evocative, sad and above all has a fantastic writer and director from the award winning film making team Fingercuff Productions behind it so here’s wishing it every success in 2012.

That’s it from me for this year. Again, thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and here’s wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a lots of love, peace and happiness in 2012.

Charlotte. xxxxxx

Pardon monsieur, Ou Est Le Swimming Pool avec Sandra and The Charlatans…. ;)

November 30th, 2011

Hello :)

Just a quick hello! I hope all of you are keeping well! We have put our Christmas tree up today and the rest of the decs are to go up this weekend so our house is currently looking very festive. As some of you may know, I have a slight obsession with “The Snowman”, so far we have an LED revolving snowman, a russian doll style snowman AND giant cuddly snowmen dotted around our home…..who said Christmas was just for kids…my poor fiance! 😉

I have a very busy weekend coming up, I am due to have my hair done tomorrow in London then onto to Sit Up TV where I have an evening presenting slot on Speed Auction TV from 6.30 -10pm which will be one of your only chances to catch me on your screens this side of Christmas so be sure to tune in for some last minute pressie buying and seasonal fun! :)

Sunday I will be filming the exciting new music video for the song ‘Ghosts’ with a very talented new band formed out of members of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool and curated by those Britpop legends The Charlatans. I play a ghostly apparition in a surreal hospital whispering into the ear of lead singer (Alex Starling). The band is called The Ghosts and here is their first single. I’ll be all made up and wearing black contact lenses so will look very different and edgy…can’t wait! :)

As you can see at the top of the blog the viral adverts I did for Payday UK have come through, I’m so proud of them because I think you can tell we had a great time making them and everyone worked so hard. Make sure you pass it on to your friends and see if we can make it an internet hit!

Blog again soon



x x x

My New Showreel and Ghost Music…

November 22nd, 2011

Hi All,

As always been a hectic week or two since my last blog. Finally managed to get a showreel together of some of my screen work this last year. Here it is above, hope you like it! :)

I've also been selected to play a ghost in a very cool up and coming music video for a brand new band with a very well known contingent...filming takes place at the beginning of December so watch this space for that one.

Been up for some commercial castings too, a German Burger King ad (yes I actually had to learn some German for it!) as well as a Sex and the City style Mecca Bingo ad. Didn't get the first one and will find out the second very soon, these things are so competitive and sometimes just down to a look, guess they had another burger frauline in mind ;)

Can't wait for Christmas, I've been an organised busy bee and done most of it all already! :) I absolutely love the festive period so have my advent calender above the fire place ready and waiting.

My other half came back from Hong Kong yesterday after directing the squash Hong Kong Open on the harbour waterfront, very iconic venue :) Lovely to have him back so must dash now, bubbles to be had :)

Will give you some blogging again soon!

x x x x x x x

‘Keep Calm and Log On!’ ;)

October 29th, 2011


Funny thing when the weather turns cold I seem to find myself out and about rather than being sat by the fire at home!  Recently I have been filming the latest series of adverts for Payday UK up in Gloucestershire which was all set in dashing 1940s style with a country manor, Rolls Royce and fabulous costumes to match.  We had great weather for it too which we needed as a lot of the scenes were shot outside.

I was also lucky enough to be shortlisted by the ‘A-list’ film director Duncan Jones for a commercial, alas it wasn’t meant to be this time.  I don’t know who was more excited about meeting the director of Moon and Source Code (and of course the son of David Bowie!), me or my fiancé.

Talking of fiancé’s, the wedding plans are all very much under way now.  My nephews came down for a fitting in the week, I have to admit they did look rather cute, I on the other hand have been looking far from cute as I have been nursing a cold.  Nothing too bad but you know what colds are like, they make you feel exhausted even putting the washing out 😉

Also, some of you may have seen my Moonpig.com commercial resurface. ITV are currently giving it what they call a ‘short burst’ in the run up to Christmas.  Staying with the Christmas theme I shall be doing the Christmas Shop on the 30th of October on Price Drop TV…I haven’t started my shopping yet so if YOU wanted to start early why not join me over a glass of mulled wine or two! :)

That’s nearly it from me but before I go I would like to wish my fiance the best of luck directing the Squash World Open Finals in Rotterdam this week.

Check out the pics below :)

Lots of love and Happy Halloween



Weddings, Filming and House Alarm Fun :)

October 7th, 2011

Hi all,

Another really busy few weeks for me, firstly thank you to anyone that has sent me any lovely emails/ letters over the past month. To any ladies who asked where I got my orange dress from ( I wore it on Bid TV last month ) it was actually from Karen Millen but I have seen some great ones in places like Dorothy Perkins and they are so comfortable and a great fit for any lady too! :)

I have been really busy planning for my forthcoming wedding. I am so excited and everything seems to be coming together now. I have a dress fitting tomorrow with my bridesmaids but I’m not going to give to much away -this will though ( as many of you may know) be incredibly difficult for me ;0) I have been arranging transport, flowers, cake, photographers…. the list is endless but I am LOVING every minute of it. I was having a conversation with a friend about relationships this week and they asked me if I was with someone who had ended the relationship with me more than once would I stay with them?? My answer absolutely NOT! I am not standing in judgement of anyone that chooses to stay with a man that does this but I personally wouldn’t take them back the first time let alone the second!

Work has been really busy, I have been going up for plays and commercials.  I was delighted to be asked back to film the latest commercials for Payday UK. It should be great fun. The costumes and make up are great all 1940’s style! I’ll be sure to put some pictures on here ASAP. If you haven’t seen the first one yet its under ” Media ” on my website.

Aside from weddings and work this week, I have had some fun with the house alarm. Basically my cousin came over to stay and blew the lights so we were looking for the trip switch the next day when he came over after work. He ended out taking  something of the wall that was clearly not supposed to be touched, hence the HUGE alarm system that suddenly went off! We did manage to find the trip switch eventually but couldn’t turn the alarm off. Anyway 40 minutes later after frantic phone calls, paper work strewn everywhere, neighbours being nosey and me at this stage pouring myself a very large glass of red wine we found the code….. :) I still can’t be left home alone at my age, hahaha :)

Will be blogging again soon. Take care.

Love to all,

Charlotte. x x x

Hello Autumn….. :)

September 13th, 2011

Hi All,

I cannot believe the Summer is officially over and the evenings are now drawing in ,where did it all go! Things have been really busy for me over the last few weeks. As you may know I moved home a couple of months ago and things are really coming together now, I can honestly say I absolutely LOVE my home. It was always very important for me to be near my family and having them all around me is fantastic. :) I have been doing alot of wedding planning too. The church and the venue are booked for next May and I have three Bridesmaids and three Page Boys – the more the merrier I say. Someone said that 30 is too old to have Bridesmaids which I think is ridiculous. The only time I would say otherwise is if it was a second marriage and not a big church affair!! 😉

Work has been very busy too, I shot the latest commercial for Chivas Whiskey the other week. We had a great couple of days on location, I think the advert is going to look great and it’s international so it’s going to be seen by alot of people. That can’t be bad at all. I really am very lucky to have been given the opportunity to do so many great commercials this year.  Last week I also shot for the ” London City Airport “do not be scared if you do travel to the airport as you will see a life size mannequin of me talking to you- haha :) Its going to be fantastic and I am hoping to be there in person to launch it next month.

Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog and I shall be blogging again soon with lots more gos :)

Charlotte. x x x x x

Holidays and nuptuals

August 22nd, 2011

Hi all,

Phew it’s been a busy few weeks.  Having been on holiday to Scotland and finally seeing the commercials I made hit the small screen there hasn’t been time for my feet to touch the ground.  Below is the ‘5 Second Rule’ commercial where I play the mum of the family, you may have seent he game advertised on ITV but if not have a look!


Here is also the PayDay UK advert :) :)

Other news, I happened to have gotten engaged  during my lovely holiday to the Highlands.  It was very romantic and in case you’re wondering I said YES!

I’ll blog with more updates soon.

Take care



Home is where the heart is… :)

July 10th, 2011

Hi All,

Sorry I haven’t blogged for a while, have been extremely busy filming and buying a house!

As you can see in some of the pictures above I’ve been featured in a commercial for Payday UK that will hopefully be on your TV sets sometime soon.  Talking of commercials, I filmed the commercial for the brand new board game ‘5 Second Rule’ this month, soon to be shown on ITV1 during Daybreak 😀 😀

The Payday UK shoot was really fun, I got to dress up in wartime costumes and push pieces around a large map! The board game shoot was also fun, I had myself a little ready made family on set. Interesting fact, the advert was filmed at the same location as Jamie Oliver’s show ’30 Minute Meals’ so you may recognise the kitchen when it hits your screens :)

Later this month I will conclude my filming for the great short film I’m in ‘Plastic Love’, I’m really proud of this film and hope you all will get to watch it when it appears at the film festivals  sometime soon!  Watch this space :)

As I am writing this I am surrounded by boxes as we start to move house tomorrow! I can’t wait!  It’s a cute little townhouse near my family with beautiful views and lots of lovely restaurants to unwind in after a busy days work.  I am also very proud to say that my eldest brother got his Consultant Histo-Pathologist  post that he has worked incredibly hard for, and here was me thinking I was the brains of the family haha 😉 I will miss him and his family when they move away but I’ll be looking forward to many holidays with them soon!

Thanks for reading and next time I blog it’ll be from my cosy new home, can’t wait!

lots of love


x x x

Commercials, Filming and Celebrations :)

June 13th, 2011

Hi All,

Wow….. where do I start! I have had such a busy week that yesterday when I actually stopped I spent the day drinking lemsip and nursing a bad head :( Oh well, feeling alot better today so it obviously did the trick.

I filmed my major scenes for my latest short film last week, I had a fabulous couple of days with a wonderful team and although I had some very intense and emotional scenes I loved every minute of it. Acting is my absolute passion and I cannot wait for the film to come out. I saw a few of the ” Teaser Trailers ” for it earlier and I think it’s going to be very successful so watch this space. :)

Plastic love Teaser Trailer – Sally

I am also very excited as I found out that I have been chosen for a new Commercial today :) We will be filming it on Saturday and it’s for a brand new board game. It’s a really light hearted fun commercial so I am really looking forward to spending the day playing games and having fun with my television family. :)  Talking of family my fabulous Mum will be the big 6O this Thursday, we all all going over to my parents house this weekend for a HUGE family chinese. I can’t wait!! We all LOVE our food in the Mounter household and I am looking forward to spending some quality time with everyone. :)

For some of you who expressed an interest I am still freelance Presenting for the Sit Up Channels, in fact I was on Speed Auction TV today. It was a good shift with lots of fashion so hopefully I will get to do some more fashion again soon. It doesn’t feel like work when your sat there discussing clothes, haha  :)

I am also in the final stages of buying a house , it’s a delightful little town house and I should be moved in within the next 4 weeks, It literally is all go.

Anyway, must dash now – want to watch the end of embarrassing Fat Bodies, abit gross I know but I love it! 😉

Thanks for reading.

Charlotte. x x x x x

Plastic Love :)

June 4th, 2011

Hi all,

Before I start I would like to say a huge big thank you to you all for taking the time to read my blog. I am going to keep this one nice and quick for you all this week.. 😉

It has been another busy couple of weeks for me, I have been Presenting and going to some commercial castings so touch wood, it stays nice and busy. :)

I am extremely excited to announce that I will be filming some of my scenes next Monday and Tuesday for my latest short film called Plastic Love. I am doing it with a fantastic company called Fingercuff Productions and I cannot wait to get started!Please see above for link to the films Facebook page.  I will be sure to keep you all posted on it and put some clips on here ASAP :)

Must dash now, have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine :)

Love Charlotte. x x x x x

Photo Shoots!

May 18th, 2011

The Lakes, Rada, Filming, Family and Photoshoots! :)

May 17th, 2011

Hi All,

I don’t know if this is a sign of getting older but this year is literally flying by, there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day at the moment. :)  I have had quite a quiet couple of weeks for me. I went up to the Lake District last week which was absolutely beautiful. So relaxing with lots of long walks and eating and drinking -just what the doctor ordered! :)

On the audition front It’s been quiet mainly because I have been away , but I had a Post Production meeting yesterday with the team from Plastic Love and I am really excited about filming soon . I will keep you all posted and I will try to put a link to the films Facebook page on here if I can 😉 but me and technology are not a good mix – hahaha :)

I have been practising my singing alot lately ( clue in the title )and I’m very excited to say that I have won a place at “Rada” to do my Musical Theatre Course. I really can’t believe it! I have done Musical Theatre in the past but I wanted to brush up on my singing skills and I am so excited and honoured to have been offered the opportunity to do it there. I had to perform two contrasting songs at the audition along with a two monologues, all good fun!

I spent the weekend just gone with my family. I had a wonderful few days and I love catching up with them all and seeing my Niece and Nephews. We got the guitars out and had a sing song….. blimey we sound like The Waltons, haha :)

I have managed to get a few pictures from one of my Photoshoots and I will be putting a few more on when I get them so keep your eyes peeled. On a different note, I must dash now the wardrobe literally collapsed on me last night. Awful :( So I need to go out and get a temporary one. Thanks for reading and I shall blog soon.

Love  Charlotte. x x x

Will and Kate, Birthday cake and another step closer to my big break!

May 2nd, 2011

It’s been another jam packed couple of weeks for me! Before I start though I just wanted to say thank you for all you’re lovely messages and for taking the time to read my Blog. Okay then where do I start…..I am very pleased to say that I have got the lead in another short film :) It’s another challenging and emotional role that I’m both really excited and yet nervous about doing. It’s quite a raunchy film and I have a few “saucy” 😉 scenes that I will be filming later this month so I will keep you all posted!!  It will also get me a credit on IMBD which is the (Internet Movie Data Base) so that will be fantastic. :)

I also celebrated my 31st Birthday ( I know I’m getting old ) on the same day day that Prince William married Kate Middleton. I had a fabulous day with all of my family, my parents did a big family barbeque at home and the weather stayed nice so I had a wonderful day with them all relaxing in the sunshine and playing swingball with my Niece and Nephews. My Nephew Harry ( who is 11 ) did beat me!!  :) and I have to admit I was very bubbled by the end of the day.

I really enjoyed the Royal Wedding. If i’m honest I wasn’t overly looking forward to it that much ( not sure why! )  but on the day I loved it! I thought it was very tasteful and that Kate Middleton looked beautiful. Her dress was so elegant and I thought her Mum and Sister looked amazing too. I felt very proud to be British :)

Wishing you all a great rest of the week.


Charlotte. :) x x x

Short Films and working with the superb Director Robert Bierman :)

April 18th, 2011

Hi All,

What fantastic weather we’re having at the moment! It really feels like Spring is officially in the air. Lets hope it’s stays until the 29th April! It’s my Birthday and the Royal Wedding so all of my family and friends have the day off ,and we are all having a Barbeque so here’s hoping that it will be a lovely warm day :)

I have been so lucky these past two weeks. I got to work alongside Robert Bierman in another short film.  He is a superb Director having directed Hollywood Films to some amazing television series like Waking The Dead and Holby City. I learnt so much from him, I have done a fair amount of theatre but not a lot of film so I made sure I made the most of working with him :)  This film was about my Mother dying- I have to be honest all of my acting parts of late have been pretty heavy going and I usually go home exhausted so it would be nice to do something light hearted again soon. But I’m not complaining, I know I’m very lucky to be able to do what I love!

I went for another film audition yesterday too, not too sure how it went but I managed to cry at the audition ( I was meant to, haha ) so hopefully that might stand me in good stead. Watch this space :)

On a completely different note I am having my hair done tomorrow so it’s all nice for my Birthday and the Easter Weekend. Can’t wait! It always makes us ladies feel good and I actually find it very relaxing as well :)

Anyway, before I sign off I would like to say a big thank you for reading my Blog. I wish you all a fantastic and peaceful Easter Weekend.

Lots of love,

Charlotte.  x x x x

Filming,Moving and the dreaded Tooth Abscess returns!

March 29th, 2011

Hi All,

You can probably guess from the title that it has been an eventful past week just gone. Last Sunday I started to get a few twinges in my tooth again – basically I have to have all four of my wisdom teeth out and until I do my abscess will keep coming back :( The pain is awful and my face was so swollen I actually looked like I’d swallowed a grape…. don’t laugh :) Needless to say after 3000 ( yes 3000 ) mg of antibiotics a day ( I have nearly finished the course ) things are finally looking up!

Just as well as I have three days of filming to do from tomorrow, It’s another short film about Domestic Violence. I play the sister of the girl that is being abused. It’s always a sensitive subject to handle as an Actor as there are many forms of domestic abuse and many women believe that it is or was somehow there fault! In this story it is a form of Physical Abuse. It’s most definitely going to be a powerful piece and I am looking forward to getting started with the rehearsals tomorrow. :)

I shot the Lovely Monster last week, it was fun but I was in so much pain it was hard to enjoy it. Luckily they shot me from the left so any facial swelling that I had won’t be shown and if it is, well so be it :)  Sadly I didn’t get the Shakespeare play that I went for. They told my Agent I was simply too young to play opposite the leading man but luckily they really enjoyed my audition and hopefully I will get to see them again soon for another production!

Finally I will be moving to Kent in a few months time so we have been busy house hunting. It’s all very exciting and busy and we are viewing another one this Saturday so I’ll keep you all posted. We will be buying, so it will be fantastic to own our own home….YAY :)

Thanks again for reading my blog. Have a great rest of the week!

Lots of love,

Charlotte. XXXXX

Monsters Inc!

March 17th, 2011

Hi All,

I hope you’re all keeping well.

Since my last blog I haven’t actually had a night to myself I’ve been that busy! Needless to say I’m now looking forward to a few days off by the seaside in Kent. Long walks by the sea and some fish and chips, sounds good doesn’t it?! mmmm :)

I’m also very pleased to let you know that I got chosen to be in a short film that I went for a while back, I will be filming my scenes next week. It’s set in the 60’s so I am very excited to see my wardrobe and get the 60’s make over! The film has a similar feel to Spike Jonze’s “Where The Wild Things Are ” with a ” Lovely Monster ” being the main interest of the story.  I have also had a fair few theatre auditions and recalls- I don’t like saying too much but if I do get the parts I will be sure to let you all know and hopefully you’ll be able to get some tickets and come along and see me :)  (Not wanting to give too  much away but I’ve been sharpening my Shakespearean wit all week! 😉 )

Wishing you all a great weekend and speak soon.

Charlotte. xxx

Where are the months going!

March 5th, 2011

Hi Guys,

I really can’t believe we’re in March already where is the year going, is this what happens when you turn 30 :) talking of turning 30 it is my birthday next month and I will be sharing it with the royal wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton…hahaha! That’s an extra day off then. :)

Have had lots of auditions this week, one was for a short film, the other was for a play and the other one was for a Bond Girl for a Promo Commercial ( the end product looked really good ) all good fun and quite glamourous for a day :) I did feel slightly odd walking down Shorditch HighStreet in a tight black dress and killer heels at 2pm on a Friday afternoon but hey it’s all in a days work, haha! Needless to say I couldn’t wait to get back home into my trackies with a cup of tea in hand and watch Benidorm …I LOVE that show :)

My photos from my photograph shoot that I did in January should be ready soon and I will be sure to put them up on my website asap. The Musical audition I went for I decided not to take as it would have been a 3 month tour in Germany and I didn’t really fancy doing the tour thing again this year unless something REALLY good comes up! So watch this space!

Have a busy month planned with lots more auditions and it’s my Niece and Nephews Birthday at the end of the month so more pressie shopping, they’ll be 11 …bless them :) I can remember the days they were born like yesterday.

Anyway must dash wishing you all a great weekend and I’ll be blogging again next week :)

Love to all and thanks for reading


Thank Goodness It’s The Weekend!

February 18th, 2011

Hi All,

Hope you have all had a good week and you’re looking forward to the weekend.

I feel absolutely exhausted, I literally haven’t stopped all week so I am really looking forward to just sitting down and relaxing :)

What a fun week though, Valentines Day was great I got a Beautiful Pandora Bracelet with some lovely pink charms ( my favourite ) and I have to say I was throughly spoilt with roses, candles and balloons and then taken out to a wonderful restaurant called Sartori where I had two of my favourite dishes some lobster and crab…mmm..delicious. I have honestly never been this spoilt in my life and had such a wonderful day.

My Mum came to visit on Tuesday and we had our fish pedicures, I would definitely go again. It was very ticklish but after the initial shock I found it really relaxing and funny too- we could not stop laughing to start with:)  We had a lovely girlie day together though shopping and chatting and it was great to spend some quality time with my Mum, although she did look abit tipsy when she went back on the train home to my Dad- hahaha….to many bubbles me thinks! :)

Have been practising my singing  this week too as I have two Musical auditions coming up in the next couple of weeks so I’ll be sure to keep you all posted. Would really love to do a show with Bill Kenwright again this year he is such a charming man and I love all of his Musicals ( fingers crossed ). Need to rest the voice as much as possible but as many of you may already know this can be very challenging for me, haha :)

Wishing you all a great weekend, thanks for reading and I’ll be blogging again soon.

Charlotte. x x x x

Relaxation by the seaside

February 9th, 2011

Hi All,

It’s been a busy last few days but I have to admit to a relaxing few days off last week! Decided to go back and see my family for a few days and we’re very lucky as my parents have a house which is about a 5 minute walk to the seaside so it’s all very relaxing especially after a busy week in New York.
I enjoyed walks along the Sea Front, went to Whitstable Harbour for a couple of hours         ( Whitstable Harbour being famous for it’s oyster’s of course! ) and was very lucky as was treated to lunch out at The Abode in Canterbury where I had a sneaky glass of champagne. I love it there, it’s where my parents got married over 40 years ago so it always gives me a nice warm feeling although I wasn’t there at the time of course :) I also got to catch up with my little Niece and Nephews and have some quality time together which was great.

On the work front I have had some good auditions, one was for a Music Video ( last year I appeared in Olly Mur’s Please Don’t Let Me Go No 1 Music Video ) another for a short film and also for a play as well so it’s all very busy again.

Can’t wait until next week we have Valentine’s Day on Tuesday don’t we, I haven’t been snooping but there is Pandora bag with a card addressed to me on it and I would be SO EXCITED if there is a bracelet in there and extremely spoilt too by my fabulous boyfriend. My Mum is also coming up next week and we are going for an Aqua Sheko pedicure, I have to say I am a little reluctant to have fish nibbling at my feet but my Mum is very keen so I will keep you all posted.

I am really looking forward to this weekend it’s my Nephew Bob’s 7th birthday so we are have a swimming pool party – “Make sure you wear a swimming costume” said my sister-in-law” but I don’t own one” I replied.  They have a huge inflatable crocodile you see and I’m not great in the water anyway. It should be fun :)

Thanks again for reading my blog and I shall be blogging very soon. Oh…by the way for those of you who have expressed an interest in wanting to see my photograpic shoot photo’s I will be putting them on my website asap which should be in about 4 weeks time.

Have a great weekend,

Charlotte xxx

What a fantastic week…!

January 27th, 2011

Hi everyone,

Firstly thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I really do appreciate all of you’re support.Well for those of you who read my weekly blog you will know that I have just arrived back from New York and I had an absolutely amazing time.

I stayed in a fabulous hotel in Manhatten which was local to all of the main attractions. I took in snowy walks in Central Park, Ground Zero which was very sad, Phantom Of The Opera on Broadway, I had some wonderful meals out- the steak out there is superb and the portions are huge but hey I was in NYC of course I was going to indulge :) I also ate at my favourite restaurant of all time ” The Nobu “. It is expensive but worth every penny. I didn’t just eat in beautiful restaurants though I also had a couple of KFC’S and McDonalds. Oh yes and some delicious Chocolate Martini’s…mmm :)

The shops out there are incredible too I went to Bloomingdales and Macy’s and bought some new tops, jumpers and a fabulous new handbag by coach. It’s pink and I love it, it will hopefully last me years too, but girls you know what we’re like with our handbags sometimes you just have to have it!

On the audition front I was offered a role in The Caucasian Chalk Circle a play that I had hoped to be in, but unfortunately I had to decline due to other work commitments. I wish them every success with there production and hope to get to go and see it.

Anyway thanks again for reading, I must dash now and try and warm up, it’s freezing today isn’t it! :) Have a great weekend!

Take care,

Lots of love, Charlotte. xxxx

Photo Shoots, Auditions and that trip to New York!

January 15th, 2011

Hi All,

Have had such a busy week, went up for two commercials and got a recall for one of them but unfortunately I was doing some modelling for a ” lifestyle and business shoot ” on the Thursday and Friday so I was unable to attend, but with commercials they can still offer you the job without seeing you for a second time. That’s what happened with my Moonpig.com commercials. So I have everything crossed :)

The photoshoots this week were fantastic, I had such a jam packed two days. It was hard work but the others were great. The man who was playing my Dad looked like Paul Newman and my Mum looked like Debbie Harry, hahaha…you’ll see what I mean when the pictures come out! I was very flattered none the less :) My children ( not actually mine ) were pretty adorable too.

I had a recall today for The Caucasian Chalk Circle, I read for several parts and everybody was good so we’ll have to wait and see if I get selected. I will keep you posted either way.

Well, I’m going to sign off now and put my feet up for a little while. New York tomorrow, I am so excited it should be great albeit FREEZING! Hat, scarf, gloves and wellies are in the case already.

Hope you all have a great week and i’ll be blogging again soon.

Love, Charlotte. x x x

Tooth Problems and a trip to New York!

January 9th, 2011

Hello All,

What a week it’s been, let’s get the horrible things out of the way first:- Last Tuesday night I went to bed with a slightly swollen face and thought it was my usual wisdom tooth problem…… the next morning, after a very painful nights sleep I decided I needed to see a dentist ASAP. I was visiting my parents so I was lucky to be seen within 5 minutes at their local dentist. Well, what I actually had was a HUGE abscess which had to be drained instantly and I’m still on 800 mg of antibiotics so it was quite a nasty infection. Needless to say I’m on the mend now :)

Yes the title is a give away but I am flying out to New York on Sunday, my boyfriend will be Directing out there and I will be joining him for a working holiday ( well working for him anyway, haha ) I have never been before and I’m really excited about seeing the sights and doing some shopping of course.

On the acting front I had an audition for Brecht’s ” The Caucasian Chalk Circle “on Friday and have been asked to come back for a second audition so watch this space. I read for The Duchess which is a fantastic role for any actor, it was a 2 hour audition with workshops and role play too a very fun day had by all I’m sure.

This coming week I have two photo shoots to attend on Thursday and Friday. It’s great work if you can get it girls you have you’re hair and make up done so there can be quite a lot of pampering involved :) I am not quite sure where the pictures will be appearing as yet but I’ll be sure to let you know and will be definitely be putting them on my website! I also have a commercial audition to attend tomorrow for French Tea which should be fun, I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes :)

Have a great week, thanks for reading and I’ll be blogging again soon

Charlotte. xxxx

Happy New Year :)

January 1st, 2011

Hello All,

Firstly a very Happy New Year to all of you, I hope you all had a great Christmas. I have been so busy these past three weeks I honestly do not know where the time has gone :)

I spent a wonderful Christmas at home with my family, it was so lovely to have my parents, brothers, sister, nieces and nephews all together at the same time. I have eaten and drank far too much but hey that’s what Christmas is about isn’t!! I definitely need to detox now :)

I am REALLY excited about this coming year I have lots of exciting projects and auditions in the pipe line so do watch this space, I would love to do some straight theatre again so keep you’re eye out for any shows I might be in. I will keep you posted on here of course too. :)

Lastly thank you all for visiting my website and taking the time to read my blog. I sincerely really do appreciate all of you’re support and wish you all lots of love, luck and happiness for 2011.

Charlotte. xxxx

Winter’s Here

December 11th, 2010

Hi All,

Well….. where do I start? How about last Wednesday the first day of advent! I decided to go back and visit my parents in Kent for the day, it had been snowing heavily the night before ( my wish for a White Christmas may still come true ) so instead of driving I made the decision to catch the 9.20 am train from Victoria- a journey that usually takes 1hr 20 mins…….. 10 hours later, a broken down train, a very cold, hungry and thirsty Charlotte arrived back in Kent :( It was awful we had to be rescued by fireman in the end as our train broke down in between platforms. Needless to say I have learnt my lesson and will now always travel with a flask and some snacks :)

I went to the Bath Christmas Markets last weekend. It was beautiful and so atmospheric, I went carol singing too which really got me into the festive spirit. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Have had a few auditions too recently:- one for a film,  one for a new play and I also had a recall for a show where I had to prepare a movement piece in the style of a Swallow- that’s acting for you :) Oh yes and my yoga commercial, very funny indeed I must have looked like something out of a Ricky Gervais sketch. They wanted me to do the position where you balance on your head, I was with lots of girls beforehand who were limbering up and to quote one conversation I asked her when she last did a head stand her reply ” Oh ages ago, I haven’t done one for at least two weeks, you? ” ” Oh I haven’t done one for about 22 years” :)

Must dash now, Saturday night bubbles are calling.

Love to all,

Charlotte. xxxx

The life of an Actress

November 26th, 2010

Hello All,

What an eventful week i’ve had! To start with I must say I am very pleased with myself as I have nearly finished all of my Christmas shopping, I know…… very organised this year! I can’t believe how cold it is either, am really hoping for a White Christmas – very magical :)

Had a casting for the new B & Q Commercial on Monday it was probably my favourite commercial audition so far this year, really good fun. My Agent rang to say the Director thought I looked too young for the ” Oh To Be In England ” show that I went for last week which was a little disappointing, I really wanted that part! :( Anyway onwards and upwards as they say.

I have another commercial audition on Monday, I have to go in a ” Yoga Outfit ” haha…should be fun!! I shall keep you posted!! :)

Anyway all must dash now as I have presents to wrap.  Have a great weekend.

Love Charlotte. XXXX

Welcome to my blog :)

November 21st, 2010

Hi All,

Welcome to my brand new blog. Finally managed to get one up and running. What a manic month I have had. Moved in to my new flat which is still a work in progress but it’s getting cosier and more homely by the day, I just have to keep buying more bits for it. Have to admit the new pink pots and pans look very fetching :)

Have been attending lots of auditions lately too- Lady Chatterly’s Lover which would be a great role for any actor was one of my favourites, also met the writer of The Wicker Man when I auditioned for his new play Oh To Be In England, he was a real Gentleman and very intense, let’s just hope someone casts me soon. Also had an audition for the show Dinnerladies, it was so funny I went shopping for the most dowdy old fashioned clothes, but the worst thing about it all was that the shop assistant took me seriously and kept recommending different tops to go with my oversized skirt…hahaha :)

Anyway all thanks for reading and I’ll be in touch again very soon!!

Love Charlotte. x x

Hello world!

November 14th, 2010

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!